Thursday, 29 August 2013

Post Festival Post

For any of you that didn't know already, it rained at Leeds. I'm not talking about your normal rain shower like I naively expected, no, it was thunder and lightening mixed with pretty much torrential rain. My poor little combat boots were no match for the mud this caused, so my first regret is not taking knee high welly boots. My second regret is our cheap tent.

On the first night in the pitch black, my friend accidentally ripped the zip off our tent and we couldn't fix it. Fortunately, we'd made friends with a group in a 6 man tent who let us sleep in the middle section of their tent.

Apart from that, I feel that we were pretty prepared. The following items are the ones I'm most thankful we brought:

Hand Sanitiser

The toilets in the campsites and the arena all had hand sanitiser, but they were quite spaced out so it was great to have my own to use before eating, doing my make up or generally just after touching anything covered in mud.

Baby Wipes

An obvious one, but as it was raining baby wipes were great to clean some of the mud of boots and anything else affected, or to clean your hands after taking muddy boots off.

Sun Cream and Face Protector

Although it rained most of the time, the sun still came out and judging by the sudden influx of freckles on my skin its a good thing I was protected! As I've mentioned before I have very pale skin and I already badly burnt my shoulders and back in July so I'm glad I didn't make that any worse.


When I went to Download I remember loving the food, so I expected Leeds to be the same. I think out of all the food I bought, the best thing I had was a waffle and cream (they had run out of strawberries) at a little stall in my campsite. I had chips and cheese from one stall that literally tasted like sawdust, they were that bad! Most of the food was a complete rip off, as expected, so it was nice to have our own food to rely on. Also, there's nothing better than a banana first thing in the morning at a festival.

A Sock Bun

My hair got absolutely soaked in the rain, which unfortunately meant it turned into a giant mushroom. A sock bun was so easy and quick, so I didn't have to worry about my hair too much. Even though I hate having all my hair scraped back, I decided to just go with it since it's far less hassle.

As for my time at the festival, even though the rain made me miserable and want nothing more than to go home, I had one of the best times of my life. I saw most of the bands I wanted to see, made some amazing new friends and danced like no one was watching - although I think we were having a bit TOO much fun as everyone definitely was watching. I'm thinking of going to either Leeds again or Glastonbury next year, so hopefully it will stay sunny for us!

If you're interested, my top 5 acts of the weekend were:

1. MS MR (Lizzy Plapinger's voice is so hauntingly beautiful, I'm in love!)
2. Fall Out Boy
3. Modestep
4. Alex Clare
5. Eminem


Saturday, 24 August 2013

How To: Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

My eyebrows and eyelashes are naturally white-blonde, making them look transparent. In the above before photo you can see a few of the blonde hairs that have grown in around the tint. I usually tint my eyebrows once a month and my lashes once every 2 months.

When I was younger -I think about 13- I started shaping them using Eylure Eyebrow Shapers (here) and drawing them in. Looking back, it looked horrible and obviously drawn on, but at the time I was just happy to have visible eyebrows! Unfortunately I have destroyed all evidence of this on my computer, so I cannot share any hilarious photos, maybe another time ;)

When I was 16 I decided to try tinting my eyebrows. I think this is the kit I used (here), but it has changed name since as the one I used was called "30 Day Mascara" (Creative, right?). Now that I have my beauty kit I use my own tint to do my brows and lashes. I use black for my lashes and brown for my brows, even when I had bleached blonde hair I kept my eyebrows pretty dark, I just feel bare without them! Here is the step by step for my method of tinting eyebrows and eyelashes:

1. First of all, clean off any make up from your eye and brow area. Apply petroleum jelly around the brows and on the eyelid. I like to stick a damp, halved, quarter-moon shaped cotton pad under my eye as well.

Although you can't see them, my bottom lashes do fit over the cotton pad when I look down!

2. Mix up the dye according to the instructions, usually 1cm of dye to 3-5 drops of peroxide. You want the mixture to be non lumpy, but thick enough to turn upside down without dripping.

3. For lashes, you can either use a disposable mascara wand or a brush. I used to use a small paint brush that looks the same as the one in my beauty kit. Starting with the bottom lashes, apply a thick layer of dye. Then gently close your eye and apply to the top lashes. This is tricky to do and why petroleum jelly is important to stop staining. Also try not to get it in your eye, its pretty painful! Repeat with the other eye.

4. For brows, apply in the opposite direction to the hair growth, from the outside to the middle. Then apply from the inside out, making sure to get a nice thick layer. I'm extremely messy at this, as you can see! I usually still get a little bit of staining around my eyebrow area for the first day.

I think this is a good look for me, no? ;)

5. Leave to develop. I leave my brows on for 5 minutes and lashes for 10.

6. Using a cotton wool pad, wipe off the dye and remove the residue with another damp cotton wool pad.

7. Admire you're defined brows and lashes! (I have waxed my eyebrows in the after photos; they resemble caterpillars if I don't)

I still wear mascara and use a brow box when going out as my hairs are thin and sparse. After 3 weeks I need to start filling in my brows daily, then another week or so I tint them again.

Do any of you get your brows or lashes? Do you do it yourself or go to a salon?


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pre Festival Prep

Right now I am sitting freshly waxed, exfoliated, primped and primed, ready for Leeds Festival with one of my friends. It's been 4 years since my last festival - Download- and I can barely remember that far back! I have no idea how big the bag I took was or what I even took with me. I love seeing what others take to festivals and on holiday so I decided to do a post now with what I'm taking with me, then when I come back I can write a Post Festival post telling you what I actually used and what came in handy. 

Obviously my first priorities are a tent, mallet, sleeping bag and sleeping mat. The tent we bought was £18 from ASDA and is a 4 man tent, which is massive! I had a trial run in my lounge and barely had room to put it up. The zip broke almost straight away, as I had read on reviews, but I just cut the material covering the zip end and put in back on. As long as we don't open the flap fully we should be fine. I already have a sleeping bag and my friend has two sleeping mats so that is all sorted.

Next is all the documentation: weekend tickets, train and bus tickets, ID and our locker slip. As there's only two of us going we've decided to get the early train to Glasgow and get the Festival Bus in hope we make some friends on the way down. Which means getting up at 5am for the train, fun!

Other miscellaneous items that I'm taking are a phone with a travel adapter, money (I haven't decided how much), duct tape, a torch, chewing gum, bobbles and bobby pins, a sock bun, hand sanitizer and sun cream (including a mini one for in the arena.) I only shampoo my hair about once a week as it is and condition it every second day in between so I'm hoping I can get away with my natural mop for the whole weekend and put my hair up in a sock bun if it gets too unruly. I think I'll take my hair extensions as it makes my hair easier to style, so at night I’ll brush and pleat my hair to stop it going matted and tuggy.

Next are my toiletries. This is where I go a bit excessive. The most important is my MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 Face Protect (here,) it keeps my skin protected and banishes the oil on my t-zone. I'm going to take a BB cream and powder for a bit of extra protection. For my eyes I’m taking eyeliner(*), Max Factors 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara (here) as it's impossible to get off and will last all weekend and my E.L.F Eyebrow Kit (here.) Baby wipes are an obvious essential and I’m taking make up wipes designed for oily skin to cleanse my face at night. Then I’ll take mini toner and moisturiser because although I can happily clean myself with baby wipes for 4 days, I don't think I can skip out on my face routine! I still have a mini toothbrush and toothpaste set from my holiday in April so that will come in handy too.

The last section on my list is clothes. To travel down I’m wearing 2 pairs of leggings, a t-shirt and a hoodie which will be for sleeping in, as well as my Thunder Apparel (here) beanie to keep my head cosy if it's bad weather. I'm taking a pair of combat style boots I bought from New Look (£28.99) and a pair of thick socks my mum bought me. I'm taking two pairs of shorts I got last year from Republic, a bandeau top also from Republic and a cropped top in hopes it will be warm, but if not I have a spare t-shirt. I need to find some sort of light rain jacket to take with me, preferably with zip pockets.

I'm really excited to go and just have a wild weekend of dancing about with my friend as we tend to get really hyper when we're together, so it'll be nice to get away! We listen to a lot of the same music so we're happy to see the same acts. I have a play list with Alex Clare, Chase and Status, Fall Out Boy, Modestep, MSMR, Mallory Knox and The Blackout in preparation and I'm excited to see Eminem as well. We'll definitely check out Skrillex as well, go to the silent disco and spend way to much time on the Funfair rides!  As for where we're camping, we aren't too bothered as long as our neighbours are nice!

Are any of you guys going? Leave me a comment with who you want to see, what camp you're going to, any tips or what you're festival essentials are!


Friday, 16 August 2013

Gym Essentials

First of all, I'd like to apologise for the lack of photos and the quality of the photo in this post. My poor wee camera is broken so I'm having to use my phone for the time being!

I have a bit of an obsession with muscular women- not huge body building women, but women that have visible muscles. I found and fell in love with her body and it has really helped to kick start my motivation to get back to the gym and try to eat healthier. To be honest, I thought I’d be better at the healthy eating than the gym seeing as was a "picked last" kid in school, but I somehow manage to keep up the gym but get tempted to eat unhealthy food too much! So, here are my gym essentials:

 1. A well-fitting Sports Bra (For women, obviously)

I cannot stress this enough! It makes me feel nauseous seeing any females doing exercise, especially running, without a sports bra. Maybe it's because I have larger lady lumps, but I just can't believe how many people don't seem to realise/care how much damage they're causing! Even teeny tiny breasts jiggle A LOT during running, surely it must be painful?! Anyway, enough of my horror. As I mentioned I have a larger chest size so I go for a sports bra which clips on as opposed to one that pulls over the head. I love the Shock Absorber bra I have at the moment (here) as it gives me good support without feeling too tight around my chest.

2. Gym Shoes

They may be expensive, but a good pair of shoes makes the gym so much easier and makes it less painful on your feet. As I do a lot of running I went to Sports Direct and got a pair from the "She Runs" section. Unfortunately I can't find them on the website to link. The good thing is its split into two kinds, High Arch and Low Arch. As I have a high arch obviously my sole needs more support, I find that cheap pumps hurt my feet and make the balls of my feet really sore.

3. A water bottle

I either use a reusable plastic sports bottle or a sports cap standard water bottle, as the one time I tried running with a screw top bottle I nearly choked spilling water over myself. When I run outside I have a triangular bottle to make it easy to hold, but it doesn't fit into the gym machines. I think this one doesn't need any explanation to be honest!

4. A towel to wipe down machines

I never used to bother bringing a towel with me to the gym. Then one day I was on the treadmill and my eye was itchy, so obviously I itched it. BIG mistake! Within minutes I started sneezing non stop. I stopped running and went to sit down until I stopped. When I put my hand up to cover my nose as I sneezed, I thought my skin felt funny. Looking in a mirror, I noticed my left eye had started to swell up a little. Presuming this was due to the sneezing I went to the changing room and got changed. In the 5 minutes it took me to change and leave the gym my left eye was swollen almost shut and my right was swelling up too. In tears, I phoned my mum to come pick me up and my boyfriend to tell him I was coming to his flat, which is a 10 minute walk from my gym. By the time I got to his flat my left eye was completely swollen shut and my right I could barely see out of. I was in hysterics until my mum came and took me to the doctor, who gave me some antihistamines. It took 2 days for the swelling to go down. All of this was because someone hadn't wiped down their machine after and I hadn't bothered before. I was allergic to something, be it their perfume, deodorant or even their sweat and touching my eyes after touching the machine caused the swelling. So PLEASE bring a towel and wipe machines before and after use! 

5. An armband

When I first start my workout, I go on the weight machines and do cardio last. I like to listen to a podcast (The Complete Guide to Everything) (here) whilst I do weights, so it doesn't require me to do anything on my phone except start the podcast. I find that listening to a podcast makes weights easier as I’m concentrating on the voices rather than the pressure (I want to say pain, but it's not that painful!) of doing weights. As I’m quite small the first armband I had was too big and the strap was too long for my arm, so I bought a cheap one off of eBay. It’s still a bit big, but hopefully as my muscles get bigger it'll fit better! When I run outside I use an app called Zombies, Run! (here) so I use the armband for that as it tracks my run better. 

6. A play list that gets you pumped

As I mentioned I listen to a podcast when I am doing weights, but when it comes to cardio- usually running- I like a good play list full of upbeat songs to keep me going. I change it up regularly to stop myself being tempted to change songs often or stopping because the songs don't motivate me anymore. I've read that for running a song with a BPM (Beats Per Minute) of between 140-160 will help boots performance, but to be honest I just go for songs I know make me want to get up and move.



Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nail Polish Haul

As you may notice all my swatches are of my right hand as I use my left to take photos since its steadier ^_^ So here's to all us "awkward" left handers ;)

Whilst doing a year of beauty, I wasn't allowed to wear any nail polish, so now that I've finished my course I've become a little bit obsessed with nail polishes again. As my nails are dry, brittle and constantly breaking after having gels practiced on them every week for 2 months, nail polish creates a nice way to cover the damage and stop me from picking at them.
I fell in love with Essies Bottle Service and Saturday Disco Fever as the college had both colours. Except they cost £7.99 and I grudge paying so much for a nail polish. I know, I know, I'm incredibly stingy!  One of my friends introduced me to the website Fragrance Direct (here), where they have a selection of Essie nail polishes for only £1.99!

Off The Shoulder is a bright pink colour which will sate my appetite until I find Bottle Service at a cheaper price. The application is smooth and a good consistency. I get about 4-5 days without chipping.

Bikini So Teeny is one of my favourite colours, I love the hint of lilac in it. As you can see mines is a bit funny, almost like its drying up inside. When I put it on I do find it's a little dryer, needs a thicker layer and I can't wear a top coat as it causes the colour to go patchy, but as it seems like I got a bad batch I'm not too fussed.

I also got three Revlon polishes from the same website for 99p, which I had never seen in the shops in town. They are my favourite polishes consistency wise, they go on thickly without being messy and I don't feel like a second coat is absolutely nessessary. Again, I get 4-5 days without chipping.

Jelly is a raspberry pink colour that I find comes out darker when dry.

Guava is a pale rose colour, which I've had many compliments on when worn.

Royal is perfectly named after its shade of blue. It's a little too dark for my current nail length, but once they grow I'll definitely wear it more often.

I also bought two of the Barry M Gelly polishes after hearing many bloggers mention them. The colours are gorgeous and I bought two when Boots had them on offer at £3.99. I'm not sure if I like these polishes or not. I love the colours but I feel like I need a really thick, gloopy coat to stop the polish going streaky. Although they give me a much longer wear, almost a week without chipping!

Passion Fruit is a bright red colour with a hint of orange, perfectly on trend for this Summer and even into Autumn.

Greenberry is in my top three favourite colours, a bright mint green. Again, I've had many compliments when wearing it.

The last three polishes I picked up from Sally's Salon Services (a hair and beauty supplier.)  for either £5.49 or £5.79. They're the China Glaze nail lacquers with hardeners, so again like a gel polish. The colours are neon, which I love, but they go on so thinly I have to apply 5 layers to get a solid colour. Like the Barry M polishes, I get about a week without chipping.

Heat Index is a neon pink, perfect for short nails like mine as the colour takes away the attention from the length of the nail. It's the colour I've been wearing most often.

Keepin' It Teal is my least favourite polish out of this haul. The colour is really hard to get solid and it just isn't for me. Although it is my boyfriends favourite, so maybe i'll wear it anyway ;)

Shell-O is a cute neon rose colour. I've been saving it for the end of the month to wear when I go away for my friends birthday weekend, but I really can't wait to wear it! As you can see I left my ring finger with only one layer to show you how thin the layers go on.

Sorry for this post being so long, I think my obsession is pretty obvious! What one is your favourite? Do you use any discount websites? Most of all, if you use the Barry M Gelly polishes, how do you get them to go on smoothly?!


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Review: MeMeMe Flawless Foundation

As someone with dreaded oily/combination skin, finding a foundation that doesn’t slip off after an hour can be a challenge. My favourite foundation for when I want to look my best is the MeMeMe Flawless Finish SPF 15 Foundation (here). It gives medium coverage, so it’s prefect for those times when you want something a bit heavier than your everyday base. I usually wear it when I’m going out to dinner or to a party, although it does contain Titanium Dioxide, meaning the flash in a camera will make your face look lighter than it is. This doesn’t really make a difference to my “peaches ‘n’ cream” complexion, but may for those with a bit more colour to them. I wear the shade “Porcelain Pure" which is a tiny bit too dark for my skin, so it looks yellow without a powder on top. I usually wear it when I've got a layer of tan on so it looks less noticable.

When I first bought this foundation it was available in Superdrug, but unfortunately they seem to have discontinued it from my local store! At £12.50, it is perfect for those of us on a budget or- like me- grudge paying a lot of money for make up.

I decided now was a great time to do a review for this foundation as my skin is broken out from a face scrub I tried last week, meaning I can show you all the great coverage and red neutralization from this foundation! Below you can see my skin has quite a lot of redness and heaps of lovely, fresh blemishes. Oh, and the saddest eyebrows ever since i'm saving dying them until I go to Leeds Festival. (it’s a hard life, eh?) 

As you can see, one layer of the MeMeMe Flawless Foundation has helped cover and take away a lot of the redness from my spots! I applied it with a beauty blender (here) and normally I would set with a powder, but I ran out yesterday.

Here is my T-Zone after 6 hours, as you can see I could do with some blotting, but it has stayed on really well! It does contain Isostearyl Isostearate, so if you use this foundation be sure to give you face a good cleanse before bed as this ingredient can clog up the pores!


Coverage 5/5
As it covers my spots well and takes away the redness, I would definitely give this a solid 5!

Staying Power 5/5
6 hours without powder without sliding off my face? Yes, yes, YES!

Price 4/5
Not the cheapest foundation I’ve tried, but compared to some high end products I would happily pay this price again!

Packaging 2/5
So here is my biggest issue with the product: the packaging is a bit cheap as it's plastic and I have had two bottles now which have had the same problem. The foundation pump causes a tab in the bottom to rise and the liquid to be forced to the top and out of the pump. Unfortunately, it sometimes gets stuck and I have to pump heaps of times or take off the lid as the pump doesn’t extend down far enough.

Overall, I think this is a great foundation for oily skin and will continue buying it as a staple in my make up kit!

What is your favourite foundation? For those of you with oily skin, share some of your top tips for staying power!

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