Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nail Polish Haul

As you may notice all my swatches are of my right hand as I use my left to take photos since its steadier ^_^ So here's to all us "awkward" left handers ;)

Whilst doing a year of beauty, I wasn't allowed to wear any nail polish, so now that I've finished my course I've become a little bit obsessed with nail polishes again. As my nails are dry, brittle and constantly breaking after having gels practiced on them every week for 2 months, nail polish creates a nice way to cover the damage and stop me from picking at them.
I fell in love with Essies Bottle Service and Saturday Disco Fever as the college had both colours. Except they cost £7.99 and I grudge paying so much for a nail polish. I know, I know, I'm incredibly stingy!  One of my friends introduced me to the website Fragrance Direct (here), where they have a selection of Essie nail polishes for only £1.99!

Off The Shoulder is a bright pink colour which will sate my appetite until I find Bottle Service at a cheaper price. The application is smooth and a good consistency. I get about 4-5 days without chipping.

Bikini So Teeny is one of my favourite colours, I love the hint of lilac in it. As you can see mines is a bit funny, almost like its drying up inside. When I put it on I do find it's a little dryer, needs a thicker layer and I can't wear a top coat as it causes the colour to go patchy, but as it seems like I got a bad batch I'm not too fussed.

I also got three Revlon polishes from the same website for 99p, which I had never seen in the shops in town. They are my favourite polishes consistency wise, they go on thickly without being messy and I don't feel like a second coat is absolutely nessessary. Again, I get 4-5 days without chipping.

Jelly is a raspberry pink colour that I find comes out darker when dry.

Guava is a pale rose colour, which I've had many compliments on when worn.

Royal is perfectly named after its shade of blue. It's a little too dark for my current nail length, but once they grow I'll definitely wear it more often.

I also bought two of the Barry M Gelly polishes after hearing many bloggers mention them. The colours are gorgeous and I bought two when Boots had them on offer at £3.99. I'm not sure if I like these polishes or not. I love the colours but I feel like I need a really thick, gloopy coat to stop the polish going streaky. Although they give me a much longer wear, almost a week without chipping!

Passion Fruit is a bright red colour with a hint of orange, perfectly on trend for this Summer and even into Autumn.

Greenberry is in my top three favourite colours, a bright mint green. Again, I've had many compliments when wearing it.

The last three polishes I picked up from Sally's Salon Services (a hair and beauty supplier.)  for either £5.49 or £5.79. They're the China Glaze nail lacquers with hardeners, so again like a gel polish. The colours are neon, which I love, but they go on so thinly I have to apply 5 layers to get a solid colour. Like the Barry M polishes, I get about a week without chipping.

Heat Index is a neon pink, perfect for short nails like mine as the colour takes away the attention from the length of the nail. It's the colour I've been wearing most often.

Keepin' It Teal is my least favourite polish out of this haul. The colour is really hard to get solid and it just isn't for me. Although it is my boyfriends favourite, so maybe i'll wear it anyway ;)

Shell-O is a cute neon rose colour. I've been saving it for the end of the month to wear when I go away for my friends birthday weekend, but I really can't wait to wear it! As you can see I left my ring finger with only one layer to show you how thin the layers go on.

Sorry for this post being so long, I think my obsession is pretty obvious! What one is your favourite? Do you use any discount websites? Most of all, if you use the Barry M Gelly polishes, how do you get them to go on smoothly?!



  1. I love polish and you have my perfect collection! Fab brands and colours.

    Great blog too! Following on BL xx


    1. Thanks! I love polish too, I have a big box full of them, really want a wall mount of them :)

      I think i'm already following you too, i'll go check (:


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