Thursday, 29 August 2013

Post Festival Post

For any of you that didn't know already, it rained at Leeds. I'm not talking about your normal rain shower like I naively expected, no, it was thunder and lightening mixed with pretty much torrential rain. My poor little combat boots were no match for the mud this caused, so my first regret is not taking knee high welly boots. My second regret is our cheap tent.

On the first night in the pitch black, my friend accidentally ripped the zip off our tent and we couldn't fix it. Fortunately, we'd made friends with a group in a 6 man tent who let us sleep in the middle section of their tent.

Apart from that, I feel that we were pretty prepared. The following items are the ones I'm most thankful we brought:

Hand Sanitiser

The toilets in the campsites and the arena all had hand sanitiser, but they were quite spaced out so it was great to have my own to use before eating, doing my make up or generally just after touching anything covered in mud.

Baby Wipes

An obvious one, but as it was raining baby wipes were great to clean some of the mud of boots and anything else affected, or to clean your hands after taking muddy boots off.

Sun Cream and Face Protector

Although it rained most of the time, the sun still came out and judging by the sudden influx of freckles on my skin its a good thing I was protected! As I've mentioned before I have very pale skin and I already badly burnt my shoulders and back in July so I'm glad I didn't make that any worse.


When I went to Download I remember loving the food, so I expected Leeds to be the same. I think out of all the food I bought, the best thing I had was a waffle and cream (they had run out of strawberries) at a little stall in my campsite. I had chips and cheese from one stall that literally tasted like sawdust, they were that bad! Most of the food was a complete rip off, as expected, so it was nice to have our own food to rely on. Also, there's nothing better than a banana first thing in the morning at a festival.

A Sock Bun

My hair got absolutely soaked in the rain, which unfortunately meant it turned into a giant mushroom. A sock bun was so easy and quick, so I didn't have to worry about my hair too much. Even though I hate having all my hair scraped back, I decided to just go with it since it's far less hassle.

As for my time at the festival, even though the rain made me miserable and want nothing more than to go home, I had one of the best times of my life. I saw most of the bands I wanted to see, made some amazing new friends and danced like no one was watching - although I think we were having a bit TOO much fun as everyone definitely was watching. I'm thinking of going to either Leeds again or Glastonbury next year, so hopefully it will stay sunny for us!

If you're interested, my top 5 acts of the weekend were:

1. MS MR (Lizzy Plapinger's voice is so hauntingly beautiful, I'm in love!)
2. Fall Out Boy
3. Modestep
4. Alex Clare
5. Eminem


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