Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pre Festival Prep

Right now I am sitting freshly waxed, exfoliated, primped and primed, ready for Leeds Festival with one of my friends. It's been 4 years since my last festival - Download- and I can barely remember that far back! I have no idea how big the bag I took was or what I even took with me. I love seeing what others take to festivals and on holiday so I decided to do a post now with what I'm taking with me, then when I come back I can write a Post Festival post telling you what I actually used and what came in handy. 

Obviously my first priorities are a tent, mallet, sleeping bag and sleeping mat. The tent we bought was £18 from ASDA and is a 4 man tent, which is massive! I had a trial run in my lounge and barely had room to put it up. The zip broke almost straight away, as I had read on reviews, but I just cut the material covering the zip end and put in back on. As long as we don't open the flap fully we should be fine. I already have a sleeping bag and my friend has two sleeping mats so that is all sorted.

Next is all the documentation: weekend tickets, train and bus tickets, ID and our locker slip. As there's only two of us going we've decided to get the early train to Glasgow and get the Festival Bus in hope we make some friends on the way down. Which means getting up at 5am for the train, fun!

Other miscellaneous items that I'm taking are a phone with a travel adapter, money (I haven't decided how much), duct tape, a torch, chewing gum, bobbles and bobby pins, a sock bun, hand sanitizer and sun cream (including a mini one for in the arena.) I only shampoo my hair about once a week as it is and condition it every second day in between so I'm hoping I can get away with my natural mop for the whole weekend and put my hair up in a sock bun if it gets too unruly. I think I'll take my hair extensions as it makes my hair easier to style, so at night I’ll brush and pleat my hair to stop it going matted and tuggy.

Next are my toiletries. This is where I go a bit excessive. The most important is my MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 Face Protect (here,) it keeps my skin protected and banishes the oil on my t-zone. I'm going to take a BB cream and powder for a bit of extra protection. For my eyes I’m taking eyeliner(*), Max Factors 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara (here) as it's impossible to get off and will last all weekend and my E.L.F Eyebrow Kit (here.) Baby wipes are an obvious essential and I’m taking make up wipes designed for oily skin to cleanse my face at night. Then I’ll take mini toner and moisturiser because although I can happily clean myself with baby wipes for 4 days, I don't think I can skip out on my face routine! I still have a mini toothbrush and toothpaste set from my holiday in April so that will come in handy too.

The last section on my list is clothes. To travel down I’m wearing 2 pairs of leggings, a t-shirt and a hoodie which will be for sleeping in, as well as my Thunder Apparel (here) beanie to keep my head cosy if it's bad weather. I'm taking a pair of combat style boots I bought from New Look (£28.99) and a pair of thick socks my mum bought me. I'm taking two pairs of shorts I got last year from Republic, a bandeau top also from Republic and a cropped top in hopes it will be warm, but if not I have a spare t-shirt. I need to find some sort of light rain jacket to take with me, preferably with zip pockets.

I'm really excited to go and just have a wild weekend of dancing about with my friend as we tend to get really hyper when we're together, so it'll be nice to get away! We listen to a lot of the same music so we're happy to see the same acts. I have a play list with Alex Clare, Chase and Status, Fall Out Boy, Modestep, MSMR, Mallory Knox and The Blackout in preparation and I'm excited to see Eminem as well. We'll definitely check out Skrillex as well, go to the silent disco and spend way to much time on the Funfair rides!  As for where we're camping, we aren't too bothered as long as our neighbours are nice!

Are any of you guys going? Leave me a comment with who you want to see, what camp you're going to, any tips or what you're festival essentials are!


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