Saturday, 10 August 2013

Review: MeMeMe Flawless Foundation

As someone with dreaded oily/combination skin, finding a foundation that doesn’t slip off after an hour can be a challenge. My favourite foundation for when I want to look my best is the MeMeMe Flawless Finish SPF 15 Foundation (here). It gives medium coverage, so it’s prefect for those times when you want something a bit heavier than your everyday base. I usually wear it when I’m going out to dinner or to a party, although it does contain Titanium Dioxide, meaning the flash in a camera will make your face look lighter than it is. This doesn’t really make a difference to my “peaches ‘n’ cream” complexion, but may for those with a bit more colour to them. I wear the shade “Porcelain Pure" which is a tiny bit too dark for my skin, so it looks yellow without a powder on top. I usually wear it when I've got a layer of tan on so it looks less noticable.

When I first bought this foundation it was available in Superdrug, but unfortunately they seem to have discontinued it from my local store! At £12.50, it is perfect for those of us on a budget or- like me- grudge paying a lot of money for make up.

I decided now was a great time to do a review for this foundation as my skin is broken out from a face scrub I tried last week, meaning I can show you all the great coverage and red neutralization from this foundation! Below you can see my skin has quite a lot of redness and heaps of lovely, fresh blemishes. Oh, and the saddest eyebrows ever since i'm saving dying them until I go to Leeds Festival. (it’s a hard life, eh?) 

As you can see, one layer of the MeMeMe Flawless Foundation has helped cover and take away a lot of the redness from my spots! I applied it with a beauty blender (here) and normally I would set with a powder, but I ran out yesterday.

Here is my T-Zone after 6 hours, as you can see I could do with some blotting, but it has stayed on really well! It does contain Isostearyl Isostearate, so if you use this foundation be sure to give you face a good cleanse before bed as this ingredient can clog up the pores!


Coverage 5/5
As it covers my spots well and takes away the redness, I would definitely give this a solid 5!

Staying Power 5/5
6 hours without powder without sliding off my face? Yes, yes, YES!

Price 4/5
Not the cheapest foundation I’ve tried, but compared to some high end products I would happily pay this price again!

Packaging 2/5
So here is my biggest issue with the product: the packaging is a bit cheap as it's plastic and I have had two bottles now which have had the same problem. The foundation pump causes a tab in the bottom to rise and the liquid to be forced to the top and out of the pump. Unfortunately, it sometimes gets stuck and I have to pump heaps of times or take off the lid as the pump doesn’t extend down far enough.

Overall, I think this is a great foundation for oily skin and will continue buying it as a staple in my make up kit!

What is your favourite foundation? For those of you with oily skin, share some of your top tips for staying power!


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