Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween How To: Bite Marks With Modelling Wax

This is the last post for halloween special effects, there are so many options but these are the ones I found easiest and most effective. All the things I used can be found in this post here. I'm using a supracolor palette (here) but you can use castor sealor and make up as well.

You will need:
Spirit Gum
Modelling Wax/Scarring Wax
A metal Spatula
Liquid Latex
Flesh tones
Red tones/Bruise Wheel
Stage Blood

Step One

Apply Spirit gum to the desired area and pat with your finger until it starts to stick to your finger. Whilst it dries, apply vaseline to your fingers and the tip of the spatula and scoop out a small amount of wax. Roll the wax in between your fingers until it becomes pliable before rolling out into a sausage shape. Put this onto the spirit gum and smooth out the edges using your fingers and the spatula. I forgot to take a photo of this but I'm sure you can manage without a photo!

Step Two

Use the edge of the spatula to create teeth marks in the wax. Apply a few layers of liquid latex or fixative to set the wax and smooth out any bumps. Apply setting powder to set and take away shine.

Step Three

Apply a flesh colour over the wound and a dark red colour into the teeth marks. This went pretty terribly for me as I have no idea how to mix my supracolor palette. At this point you can also use black, yellow, green and different tones of red to create an older, bruised wound.

Step Four

Stipple stage blood around the teeth and drip into each tooth mark.

So, this concludes my "Halloween How To" series. This makes me sad to say, but I shall definitely be practising more effects to blog about! Which look was your favourite? 


Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween How To: Cut With Modelling Wax

Modelling Wax is a giant pain in my butt, I just can't seem to get it to smooth out! But its something I want to be able to use for special effects so I keep making attempts with it. As I'm sure you know by now, most of the things used can be found in this post here, except my supracolour palette which can be found here.

You will need:

Spirit Gum

Modelling Wax/Scarring Wax
A Metal Spatula
Liquid Latex
Setting Powder
Flesh colours (foundation can be used for this)
Red tones/Bruise Wheel (lipsticks work quite well)
Stage Blood

Step One
Hard to see but you get the idea!

Apply a small amount of spirit gum to the area you want the cut. Lightly tap it with your finger until it becomes sticky and fibres attach to your finger. Apply Vaseline to your fingers and the tip of the spatula, scoop out a small amount of wax and roll in between your fingers until it is pliable. Place onto the spirit gum and smooth out the edges using your fingers and the spatula.

Step Two

Once you are happy with the shape of your wax, use the edge of the spatula to create a cut down the middle of the wax. I gently fold the sides of the cut back a small amount to make it wider. Apply fixative or a few layers of liquid latex to set the wound and smooth it over.

Step Three

Once the latex is dry, dust over setting powder to set and take away shine. Use flesh tones all over the wax to blend in with your skin. I tried to use my supracolour palette, but I'm still learning how to mix the colours so it came out a bit yellow! Apply a deep red into the centre of the cut and stipple around the lip.

Step Four


Apply stage blood into the centre of the cut and stipple around the cut.

Halloween is only a couple of days away, I hope you're all excited! Have you got any plans this weekend?


Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween How To: Bullet Wound With Liquid Latex

One of the most popular special effects on Halloween seems to be a bullet wound. There are a few ways to do it, but I personally find this way they easiest! Again, everything I used can be found in my post here and although I used a bruise wheel for my flesh tones, lipstick works well too. My brush is just an old eyeshadow brush that I don't use anymore.

You will need:
Liquid latex
Tissue paper
Setting powder
Deep red tones
A small brush
Fake blood

Step One

Apply a thin layer of liquid latex to the skin. Peel your tissue paper into one ply and roll a small amount into a thin tube. Put this into the liquid latex, shaping it into a circle. Apply another small layer of liquid latex on top of this.


Step Two

After allowing the liquid latex to dry for a couple of minutes, apply a thin layer and then apply a small circle of tissue over the rolled up circle. This helps to blend the rolled up tissue into the liquid latex. (As you can see I didn't let the liquid latex dry for long enough and it pushed my circle open, which is a bit too wide) Apply another layer of liquid latex on the top.


Step Three

After letting this dry, apply powder to take away the shine from the liquid latex. At this point you can use scissors or tweezers to pull open the inside of the wound. I decided to leave this step out as when I've done it before it makes it come away from my skin too much. Lightly stipple a dark red colour onto the middle of the wound and around the lip of it. Use a brush to colour in any white left over. I also apply a darker mixture of red and black to the centre of the wound.

Step Four

Apply fake blood into the centre of the wound and lightly stipple. I used a stipple sponge for this, but I don't like the effect, so next time I'd use my finger instead. You can add a drip of blood to make the wound look fresher.

Another option is to apply more bruise colours around the wound to make it appear older or infected. The great thing about special effects is that there are so many options, so experiment and see what you like! Are you creating any wounds this Halloween?


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween How To Part One: Bite Marks With Rigid Collodion

As I mentioned in my last post, I was down in Glasgow at the weekend for The Academy Of Make Ups Intro To TV masterclass. I am going down again next month for the Intro To Theatre and Bodypainting masterclasses, so I will do a post on the three of them together. 

I only learned how to use gelatin moulds so I've been inspired to teach myself to use other ways to create wounds, meaning that my poor mother has had her arms abused with Liquid Latex, Modelling Wax and Rigid Collodion whilst I practise. (Thanks!)  
With Halloween approaching, I decided it would be fun to write a few posts on how to create scars and wounds to liven up your costumes! Obviously there are many different ways to do this, so this is just a guide to give you the basic idea.

You will need:
A white eyeliner pencil
A red/pink eyeliner pencil
Rigid Collodion
Something to colour the wound (you can use a red lipstick)
A bruise wheel (I've also seen people use matte eye shadows or eyeliners instead)
A stippling sponge or a light finger
Fake Blood

My birthday is a week away so I've been really lucky and gotten some presents early, including a Supracolor Palette(here,) two stippling sponges and a stippling brush, so I used the palette and a sponge for colouring and creating a bruised effect. As I've said in the list, you can use lipsticks or eye shadows to create the same effect and you can dab lightly with your fingers, or use an old brush with spanned out bristles to create a bruised effect. Everything else I used aside from make up brushes you can find on my last post(here.)

Step One

Mark out where you want your teeth marks using a white eyeliner. For some reason I found this really hard to do without making the gaps to big or making it uneven. Personally I don't think this has to be too neat as everyones teeth are different anyway!

Step Two

Using a red or pink lip liner, colour over the white markings. Apply two layers of Rigid Collodion, allowing each layer to dry for a minute. At this point it will probably look a little weird. When I was practising everything for the first time on Sunday, I kept thinking it was horrific until I added blood onto it!

Step Three

Apply a coat of fake blood and another layer of Rigid Collodion. This helps to make the bite look deeper and scabbed.

Step Four

Add colour around the teeth marks to give the appearance of irritated skin. Apply blood to the teeth marks and using a stipple sponge or your finger, lightly stipple around the wound. If you want the wound to look fresh, use a lighter pink colour around the teeth marks.

Step Five

Because I wanted this wound to look a little more infected, I used my bruise wheel along with the stipple sponge to create this effect. I layered dark red, light red, yellow then green to create a bruised and infected look, bringing it into the middle and around the wound. I then put a little fake blood onto the sponge before stippling a few times on the back of my hand to spread it, then stippled over the wound.

If all else fails and you completely mess up to the point of no return (not that I don't believe in you) you can easily rinse your wound and pick off the bite marks to create this effect of an old scar! Just a warning, it is a little nippy to pick off as it adheres to the skin and any hairs, so rip it off quickly like a plaster!

I hope this post was easy enough to understand and has inspired you to be daring this Halloween and add a few wounds to your costume. Next I will write a post on how to create bite marks using Liquid Latex, which I think will give a fresher, just bitten effect. What are you going as this Halloween? I'm keeping my outfit a secret, but I will be incorporating at least two wounds to it!


Monday, 7 October 2013

Special Effects Starter Kit

With Halloween coming up and my Intro To TV course less than a week away at The Academy Of Make Up(here), I decided payday was the perfect time to finally get some special effects make up.

After a bit of searching I found goldiestarlings video WHAT THE KIT?!(here), went on Amazon and searched for each item that I was interested in buying. I then found this starter kit(here) containing Ben Nye and Mehron items, so I figured it would be better to start with, so I can try everything. I bought the rigid collodion(here) and castor sealer(here) separately and I think I will add 3rd Degree later when I get the hang of liquid latex. 

Here is a quick run down of the products and their uses. The rigid collodian came first so I got a bit excited and opened the packaging before thinking to take a picture, but I'm sure you can forgive me!

The Starter Kit

The starter kit came with a how to booklet with three looks, which is really useful and a nice surprise!
Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover 30ml
Spirit Gum is an adhesive used to stick things to your face. As mentioned in goldiestarlings video it can also be used to cover eyebrows. I'm interested to play with this and find out how strong it is, so I might have to find a way to incorporate it into my Halloween look!

Liquid Latex 30ml
Probably the most important part of my kit, liquid latex is used to create wounds, burns etc. It's a lot like paper mâché in the way that you build it up with cotton balls or tissue to create a textured effect. I'm presuming this one dries clear like glue but to be honest I have no idea!

Barrier Spray 30ml
This can be used on sensitive skin before applying products to help prevent a reaction, or used after powdered make up to set and help it last longer. It can also be used before make up to prevent sweating. It's quite strong so not for everyday use, but I think it will come in handy for face and body painting!

Bruise Wheel
Kind of self explanatory, this is a wheel with colours that can be blended onto the skin to create a bruised effect. I think this is a probably the second most important product as scars and wounds have a lot of bruising around them.

Modelling Wax 1oz
This is a soft wax than can be moulded and rolled out to create scars and wounds, Apparently it is quite hard to use, but I think the effect will be realistic once I master the technique.

Stage Blood 30ml
No wound is complete without a little bit of blood! Other than that, I don't really know what else to say about this.

Setting Powder 6oz
Again, quite a self explanatory product. It sets make up and products to help them mattify and last longer.

Free Sponge 
I can get a whole pack of sponges for £1 from Savers or Primark, but a free sponge is always welcome! 

Rigid Collodion

For some reason, this amazes me. It's a clear liquid that dries and constricts the skin inwards, creating the appearance of a scar when coloured. As I said I opened it and did try a little bit on my skin, which was exciting to watch. It does definitely need colour on top to make it noticeable, so hopefully I will learn how to use it properly at my course! 

Castor Sealer

Castor Sealer can be applied on top of liquid latex and other wound making products, so that any make up applied on top sticks to it, as make up adheres to pores. 

I've decided to refrain from playing with any of these until after the course, as the pots are quite small and I'm pretty messy when I learn new things. I'm really excited to get scars and blood on for Halloween, so hopefully I can practise and get a How To post up before then!


Thursday, 3 October 2013

September Favourites

Sorry for posting this a few days late, it's been horrible weather lately so I've waited in hope of a nice day to get good lighting for photos- no such luck!

Essie nail polish
I only have two colours, but they last so long without chipping I constantly choose them over my other nail polishes. Lately I've found my polishes peel off in one go, so as soon as I chip them they all come off. I keep checking Fragrance Direct in hope they have the summer or fall colours for £1.99, so hopefully I can expand my Essie collection!

Grey Snood
I actually have no idea where this is from as I borrowed it from a friend last year and never returned it. (She never wore it so that's perfectly acceptable, right?!) The only other scarf I have is a massive wooly one they is a bit heavy duty for now. To be honest, I'm excited for winter because I have so many cute winter woolies I can crack out.

Eyelash Curlers
I used to use eyelash curlers all the time, but for some reason I kind of forgot about them. I've started using them again over the past month and it makes such a difference to my lashes, it seems to separate them out before I put on mascara and they go much less clumpy.

Bioré nose pore strips
My skin seems to be misbehaving a lot lately so I've been trying to keep my routine regular to control it. Then biggest problem I have is the enlarged pores on my nose and chin. As I wear make up almost daily, these pores get clogged easily and scrubbing just doesn't clean them out. I've tried cheaper pore strips and although the Bioré ones are extremely expensive they work so much better. As gross as it is, I love looking at all the gunk that comes off on the strips!

I love Malteaser Bunnies, there's just something about the soft texture inside that makes them better than normal malteasers. The addition of a reindeer version for Christmas is a clever idea and I couldn't resist getting one as soon as I saw them.

What are your favourite items from September?

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