Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween How To: Bite Marks With Modelling Wax

This is the last post for halloween special effects, there are so many options but these are the ones I found easiest and most effective. All the things I used can be found in this post here. I'm using a supracolor palette (here) but you can use castor sealor and make up as well.

You will need:
Spirit Gum
Modelling Wax/Scarring Wax
A metal Spatula
Liquid Latex
Flesh tones
Red tones/Bruise Wheel
Stage Blood

Step One

Apply Spirit gum to the desired area and pat with your finger until it starts to stick to your finger. Whilst it dries, apply vaseline to your fingers and the tip of the spatula and scoop out a small amount of wax. Roll the wax in between your fingers until it becomes pliable before rolling out into a sausage shape. Put this onto the spirit gum and smooth out the edges using your fingers and the spatula. I forgot to take a photo of this but I'm sure you can manage without a photo!

Step Two

Use the edge of the spatula to create teeth marks in the wax. Apply a few layers of liquid latex or fixative to set the wax and smooth out any bumps. Apply setting powder to set and take away shine.

Step Three

Apply a flesh colour over the wound and a dark red colour into the teeth marks. This went pretty terribly for me as I have no idea how to mix my supracolor palette. At this point you can also use black, yellow, green and different tones of red to create an older, bruised wound.

Step Four

Stipple stage blood around the teeth and drip into each tooth mark.

So, this concludes my "Halloween How To" series. This makes me sad to say, but I shall definitely be practising more effects to blog about! Which look was your favourite? 


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