Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween How To: Bullet Wound With Liquid Latex

One of the most popular special effects on Halloween seems to be a bullet wound. There are a few ways to do it, but I personally find this way they easiest! Again, everything I used can be found in my post here and although I used a bruise wheel for my flesh tones, lipstick works well too. My brush is just an old eyeshadow brush that I don't use anymore.

You will need:
Liquid latex
Tissue paper
Setting powder
Deep red tones
A small brush
Fake blood

Step One

Apply a thin layer of liquid latex to the skin. Peel your tissue paper into one ply and roll a small amount into a thin tube. Put this into the liquid latex, shaping it into a circle. Apply another small layer of liquid latex on top of this.


Step Two

After allowing the liquid latex to dry for a couple of minutes, apply a thin layer and then apply a small circle of tissue over the rolled up circle. This helps to blend the rolled up tissue into the liquid latex. (As you can see I didn't let the liquid latex dry for long enough and it pushed my circle open, which is a bit too wide) Apply another layer of liquid latex on the top.


Step Three

After letting this dry, apply powder to take away the shine from the liquid latex. At this point you can use scissors or tweezers to pull open the inside of the wound. I decided to leave this step out as when I've done it before it makes it come away from my skin too much. Lightly stipple a dark red colour onto the middle of the wound and around the lip of it. Use a brush to colour in any white left over. I also apply a darker mixture of red and black to the centre of the wound.

Step Four

Apply fake blood into the centre of the wound and lightly stipple. I used a stipple sponge for this, but I don't like the effect, so next time I'd use my finger instead. You can add a drip of blood to make the wound look fresher.

Another option is to apply more bruise colours around the wound to make it appear older or infected. The great thing about special effects is that there are so many options, so experiment and see what you like! Are you creating any wounds this Halloween?


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