Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween How To Part One: Bite Marks With Rigid Collodion

As I mentioned in my last post, I was down in Glasgow at the weekend for The Academy Of Make Ups Intro To TV masterclass. I am going down again next month for the Intro To Theatre and Bodypainting masterclasses, so I will do a post on the three of them together. 

I only learned how to use gelatin moulds so I've been inspired to teach myself to use other ways to create wounds, meaning that my poor mother has had her arms abused with Liquid Latex, Modelling Wax and Rigid Collodion whilst I practise. (Thanks!)  
With Halloween approaching, I decided it would be fun to write a few posts on how to create scars and wounds to liven up your costumes! Obviously there are many different ways to do this, so this is just a guide to give you the basic idea.

You will need:
A white eyeliner pencil
A red/pink eyeliner pencil
Rigid Collodion
Something to colour the wound (you can use a red lipstick)
A bruise wheel (I've also seen people use matte eye shadows or eyeliners instead)
A stippling sponge or a light finger
Fake Blood

My birthday is a week away so I've been really lucky and gotten some presents early, including a Supracolor Palette(here,) two stippling sponges and a stippling brush, so I used the palette and a sponge for colouring and creating a bruised effect. As I've said in the list, you can use lipsticks or eye shadows to create the same effect and you can dab lightly with your fingers, or use an old brush with spanned out bristles to create a bruised effect. Everything else I used aside from make up brushes you can find on my last post(here.)

Step One

Mark out where you want your teeth marks using a white eyeliner. For some reason I found this really hard to do without making the gaps to big or making it uneven. Personally I don't think this has to be too neat as everyones teeth are different anyway!

Step Two

Using a red or pink lip liner, colour over the white markings. Apply two layers of Rigid Collodion, allowing each layer to dry for a minute. At this point it will probably look a little weird. When I was practising everything for the first time on Sunday, I kept thinking it was horrific until I added blood onto it!

Step Three

Apply a coat of fake blood and another layer of Rigid Collodion. This helps to make the bite look deeper and scabbed.

Step Four

Add colour around the teeth marks to give the appearance of irritated skin. Apply blood to the teeth marks and using a stipple sponge or your finger, lightly stipple around the wound. If you want the wound to look fresh, use a lighter pink colour around the teeth marks.

Step Five

Because I wanted this wound to look a little more infected, I used my bruise wheel along with the stipple sponge to create this effect. I layered dark red, light red, yellow then green to create a bruised and infected look, bringing it into the middle and around the wound. I then put a little fake blood onto the sponge before stippling a few times on the back of my hand to spread it, then stippled over the wound.

If all else fails and you completely mess up to the point of no return (not that I don't believe in you) you can easily rinse your wound and pick off the bite marks to create this effect of an old scar! Just a warning, it is a little nippy to pick off as it adheres to the skin and any hairs, so rip it off quickly like a plaster!

I hope this post was easy enough to understand and has inspired you to be daring this Halloween and add a few wounds to your costume. Next I will write a post on how to create bite marks using Liquid Latex, which I think will give a fresher, just bitten effect. What are you going as this Halloween? I'm keeping my outfit a secret, but I will be incorporating at least two wounds to it!


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