Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Review: Nimba Creations Gelatin Prosthetics

I know I've spent ages writing posts on different mediums to create special effects, but when I was on my course we used gelatine prosthetics, which I decided to buy for Halloween.

Nimba Creations (here) is the website I bought these from, which sells a butt-load of gelatine prosthetics. From tiny cuts and bullet wounds to full on zombie face prosthetics, there is everything you could ever want to stick on your face for a fancy dress party! There is a kit with the adhesive, gelatine bonder and remover in small quantities for £9.99, which I bought since the wounds were just for myself and Louise on Halloween! There are also kits available which are really cool, they have one for making yourself a zombie and even one for a zombie party, where up to 7 people can be zombies and victims! I've been eyeing up the full make up kit, which contains 31 prosthetics, make up brushes, cotton buds, hair grips and many other accessories that come in handy when dealing with prosthetics! 

I chose the large cut and Louise chose the bullet wound. They did take a little over a week to arrive, but as it was almost Halloween I can't fault that! When my kit arrived the adhesive had leaked out into the packaging, but once I emailed the company, they sent out a new one on special delivery which came 2 days later. I was really happy that they were so fast to send it out and I didn't even have to send the original back!

For Halloween I went as Babydoll from Sucker Punch and Louise was Sweet Pea. My wig had a fringe so I decided to put my wound on my jaw rather than my temples like I had first planned. I found my wound hard to blend as I stuck it down in a rush and didn't smooth the edges out properly, meaning it was wrinkled slightly. In the end it didn't look too bad expect for next to my mouth, as you can see in the photo. I used my Supracolor Palette to colour in the gelatin to match my skin, then applied the black into the wound. I then used my bruise wheel to add dark and bright red into the wound before stippling stage blood all over the area to help disguise the edges.

Louises wound was a lot better blended, but as we were at a house party I didn't manage to get a good photo. Again, I used my Supracolor Palette, bruise wheel and stage blood to colour the wound.

The wounds lasted really well throughout the night, which I was impressed by as we were in a hot, sweaty nightclub. I had also applied mine over my foundation which I thought was going to be a really bad idea and I thought it would start to peel off when I spoke as it was on my jaw, but it stayed firmly in place! When I got home I was so tired after having to wait an hour to get a taxi, I just pulled the prosthetic off rather than using the remover, which unfortunately caused it to tear in half. If this hadn't happened I would have definitely gotten a few more uses out of it before the edges became too thick to blend!

Overall I'm really impressed with the prosthetics and I think anyone wanting to be a zombie or victim should give these a go! The service was great and I couldn't believe how nice they were about sending another bottle of adhesive in time for Halloween.

Has anyone else bought prosthetics from a similar website? I'm interested to see what there is available to buy!


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