Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Beauty Picks

Bioré Pore Strips//Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment//MAC Viva Glam Lipstick//Essie Nail Polish

I've changed up my usual beauty routine a lot this year and tried out many new products. There are so many products I use on a day to day basis, but these are the products that stand out the most to me as they're all so good!

Bioré Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips £7.99

I've mentioned these before and commented on so many posts I've seen of people reviewing them, but these pore strips are seriously worth the money! So many brands claim to be good, but when I peel them off I never see as many little gross pores as I do when I use Bioré. (I'm one of those gross people who loves popping spots and blackheads, it's just so therapeutic!) I think when I run out of my current skincare products, I may try a few of the Bioré ones to see if they're as good as the pore strips!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment £7.99

Okay, so my hair hasn't gotten noticeably longer since using this treatment, but I still love it! I use this on days when I'm not shampooing my hair and it just keeps my hair fresher and smelling nice for longer! I get about an extra two days between shampoos and I've noticed in the past few months my hair is a lot thicker and stronger than before. I usually wait until Boots has a 3 for 2 on haircare and stock up, which they do quite a lot.

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in  IV (Frost) £15

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love MAC, especially their lipsticks. I simply do not care how cliche beauty girl it is, they really are one of the best on the market! I've been to meals and on nights out and I never have to reapply it more than once throughout the night. I've also gone to bed without taking my make up off and woken up with my lipstick perfectly intact! Viva Glam IV was given to me as a Christmas present last year and it the perfect colour to compliment my skintone. It's got a deepness that it similar to my natural lip colour, with a lovely creamy, frosted red-purple tone.

Essie Nail Polish £2.50

After using Essie in college I instantly fell in love; I've never had a nail polish that lasts as long! One of my friends then introduced me to Fragrance Direct, which is cheap, but doesn't have many colours. I've slowly been expanding my collection and I will be keeping an eye out on Boots for any offers! I get around 7 days wear before there are chips big enough to notice without looking closely, which is amazing in my opinion.

So ladies and gentlemen, what are your favourite products of 2013? I'm excited to start a new year and see all the product launches, there seems to be a lot of exciting products being released!


Friday, 20 December 2013

An Early Christmas Gift: Lime Crime Velvetines!

Lime Crime Velvetine £13.50 (link)

My mum has to be one of the most amazing people I know and she certainly proved it by getting me both the Red Velvet and Pink Velvet Lime Crime Velvetines! (link)  She literally checked every day until she saw them in stock and gave them to me knowing I was desperate to try them out!
I was lucky enough to get not one, but two colours: Red Velvet and Pink Velvet (is that even meant to be out in the UK?!) I couldn't wait to try them out as I've seen so many reviews about how long they stay on and the colours look gorgeous! I also love the smell -a soft vanilla, although my boyfriend smelled it and said he thinks it smells a bit like lime, which makes sense! Does anyone agree? After he said it I started to smell lime too but I'm not positive.

Dont you just love close ups, you can see my lip piercing hole and all my application mistakes ;)

As a MAC lipstick lover (link) I'm always on the hunt for long lasting lip colours and my main test is if it stays put overnight- I discovered that after a night out MAC lipstick stays on my lips perfectly when I'm too tired to take my make up off! I put both colours on a half of my lips and went to bed and in the morning, although they were a bit smudged they were still fairly vibrant! My next test was brushing my teeth with them (I can't remember where I read MAC lipsticks stay on after this but I've tried it and it's true!) but it unfortunatly smeared the Velvetine over my mouth even more.

I got curious as to how kiss proof lip products work and did a little bit of research. Lipsticks are made up mostly of waxes, oils and emollients. Matte lipsticks are made up of a higher percentage of wax, and lower of emollient, where as sheer and tint lipsticks are more emollient and less wax. Long lasting lip products have less oil to prevent smudging and silicon oils are used to prevent the formula from drying out and cracking. When applied to the lips the silicon oils evaporate to create a long lasting finish.



The colour is very vibrant and as the consistency is like a lacquer, it gives a good even coverage to the lips. Velvetine goes on creamy and dries on for a matte finish, which stays even and bright!

Staying Power

I was a bit disappointed by this as everyone has had such good reviews on the staying power. Although it does last a good 5-6 hours, as soon as I eat or drink the middle of my lips smudges and stains around my lips, not a good look! I also need to fully take it off my lips before I reapply as, as a second layer starts to bleed around my lips, not something I've ever experienced before!


I think the price is reasonable for the colour and staying power, it's not as cheap as drugstore brands, but not as expensive as a lot of high end brands! Seeing as it doesn't need reapplying all that often I think it is worth the money as it will last me a good wee while.


I don't know why but I'm not overly taken by the box the Velvetines come in! It's nice enough, but if I saw it in a shop I wouldn't be drawn to it. I am however taken by the tube, I LOVE the fact that the tube is matte and transparent. The doe foot applicator is quite small, making it easy to apply without making mistakes, which is great as if you do they're a pain in the butt to clean up.

The only issue I have other than smudging when eating is that my lips do become quite dry after a day of wearing the Velvetines, mainly because the matte finish does dry out my lips and I can't apply lip balm as it smudges the colour everywhere. Have you tried Velvetines yet? What are your thoughts?


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dainty Doll Foundation - Review and Swatches

I once got told in school I looked better because I'd "stopped wearing white foundation" - which was mortifying as I hadn't been wearing a lighter foundation at all! I had just started fake tanning and for a good few years after I kept tanning almost weekly as it made me self conscious to be pale. Even with tan on I still looked incredibly pale compared to my friends.

Since about May I've slowly started to embrace my paleness (mainly because I'm too lazy to keep up the tan and being ginger let's me get away with it more than I was blond) and one of the hardest things has been finding a foundation that matches my skin and doesn't slip off after an hour. Even MAC Prep and Prime BB in Extra Light (link) is an obvious difference to my neck, but at is stayed on so well I stuck to it and blended down onto my neck. I tend to wear powder and concealer during the day to let my skin breathe, but when I'm going somewhere in the evening I look for a bit more coverage.

When I spotted Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation on Fragrance Direct (link) for £2.99 I couldn't pass up the chance at trying it. I had read reviews in the past about how good the range is 
but never bothered to buy it as I knew MAC worked so well for me. I bought the 001 and 002 as I read a lot of reviews saying 001 is too light and almost ghostly. I do agree with that view as it is incredibly pale, but it does match my skin perfectly and as long as I have a little bit of blush and bronze to stop my face looking flat it still looks nice!

As you can see in the photos, 002 is a bit more yellow toned, but once blended in there isn't too much difference on a small area. However, in the below photos you can see when on my face 002 is visibly different than my neck, so I tend to stick to 001.

I figured I didn't need to label which one is which, it's pretty obvious!


Colour 5/5
Even though I look like a ghost when I first put the foundation on, it blends perfectly with my own skin and as I said, a bit of bronze and blush makes it look so much better!

Coverage 4/5 
The foundation is light coverage, so it gives an even finish and covers spots, but I do need a little bit of concealer on top to take away the redness of the spots.

Staying Power 4/5
I find when I first put this foundation that it's extremely creamy to the point it's almost sticky, but after a light dusting of powder it sets and lasts a good 4-5 hours before I need to reapply to my t zone.

Price 5/5
I'm only saying this because I got it so cheap on Fragrance Direct, although I notice it has now disappeared. I don't know if it's been discontinued in the Uk, but I've seen it on Ebay for about £3, which is still much better than the retail price which I think was £12. Hopefully once I finish this bottle I will still be able to find more online!

Packaging 3/5

The box that the foundation comes in is gorgeous, I love how the last on it is drawn almost like a sketch for a designer. The bottle the foundation comes in however is pretty naff, as it's made all from plastic and feels really cheap. The pump however is great and the packaging is lightweight, which is a silver lining!

I really, really like this foundation so I hope it's not being discontinued! Have you tried it? All my pale readers, which other foundations have you found are good for our peaches and cream complexion?


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Make Up Haul: MAC and E.L.F

A few weeks ago MAC finally opened a store in Aberdeen. Its been long awaited and to be honest I'm surprised its taken so long! The weekend it opened I was down in Glasgow for my Bodypainting course, so I couldn't resist going in and buying a few things on my day off last weekend!

The main item I went in for was a new concealer. I've been using the Studio Finish since I was 14, which I was recommended by a MAC makes up artist. It dawned on me that I really don't need such a high coverage concealer as I only really wear it under my eyes. I swatched a few and liked the consistently of the mineralize concealer the most.

I love MAC lipsticks and my manager mentioned she'd like to try Russian Red, so I bought her it as a birthday present! Of course, I couldn't buy someone else a lipstick without buying for myself! I chose Lickable, a beautiful bright raspberry colour.

I've never had an high end make up brush before and I've heard many good reviews on the 217 blending brush, so I couldn't resist picking one up!

As I'm sure many of you are aware, E.L.F had a 50% off sale. I stocked up on eyelid primer and neutral eye shadow, as well as nail polishes. One of the nail polishes I chose was a matte top coat, which I figured would be a fun addition to my collection!

I also bought the Mineral Booster, as I saw in the reviews a few people preferred it to the HD Powder, which I normally use! I love the HD Powder as it doesn't leave a residue on my face like a lot of powders seem to.

I saw the Eyeshadow Transformer palette and couldn't resist, it claims to change the hue of your eye shadows using green, yellow, pink or  purple powder that is applied on top of your own colour. I'm not convinced if it will work, but it got reviews so I decided to give it a go.

Have you bought any make up recently? Or did you take advantage of the E.L.F sale? If so, what did you buy?


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winter Wishlist

I love reading every ones winter wish lists for ideas; with the combination of my birthday in October and having a job that gives me enough money to buy most of the things I want, I never really know what to ask for for Christmas!

All photos sourced from the products' respective websites.

HeadKandy Extensions £85.99 (link)

I used to buy these before the website changed to Dirty Looks and I really liked them. The quad weft adds so much thickness and really helps to blend the extensions into my natural hair. I first bought HK extensions in Paparazzi Highlights back when I had bleached highlights, then a year later I dyed my hair back to auburn, so I bought Spiced Auburn. That was 9 months ago now and I feel that I need new ones, as I had thinned them out quite a lot as my hair was thin and damaged from bleach. Now my hair is much thicker and starting to grow too long for the side wefts, which I had cut to blend in with my natural hair. I'm a bit apprehensive that the website has changed to Dirty Looks, as before they claimed to have nothing to do with BobbyGlam, but now they sell them! Hopefully the extensions will still be as good though.

Opal Ring £45 (link)

I've actually already been in to see about this ring and I'm waiting to hear if they have any in my size. It's from Ortak as part of their Birthstone range, which was in the window. When I had been looking at rings for my birthday I had seen an opal ring in H Samuel, but it was something near £179 and I actually prefer this one! 

Essie Neon Collection in Bottle Service/DJ Play That Song/Bouncer It's Me £5.95-£6.45 (link)

I've had my eye on these nail polishes since they came out in Summer, who cares if they're last season?! I love the brightness and I'm interested to see if DJ Play That Song is actually neon.

Velvetine (Any Colour) £11.50 (link)

So this is probably pretty impossible to get for Christmas, but after seeing this on my friends Instagram, I did a quick google search and fell in love! I can't decide if I want to try and get Red Velvet or Suedeberry, or wait until Pink Velvet is released in the UK.

Unii Palette £10 (link)

How cute are these? You simply depot your make up, place into the palette and voila! All your make up in one place! No need for bulky packaging and compacts. I can't decide between lavender or turquoise, or maybe I should go for classic midnight? Hmmm...


Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Favourites

I don't know about anywhere else, but in Aberdeen most of November was freezing cold, meaning most of my favourite things for the month were cosy clothes!

My Spirit Hood
This is one of my favourite photo's from being blond, couldn't resist sharing!
I can't remember where I first saw Spirit Hoods (here), but I instantly fell in love. There were cheap versions at a stall in Union Square, but my boyfriend bought me the real deal for my birthday last year. I spent ages deciding between the Grey Wolf (pictured) and the Husky. In the end I decided the Grey Wolf was better as it wouldn't show if I got it dirty, which is highly likely as I am forever spilling coffee over myself! I can't begin to explain how warm it is, the faux fur on the outside mixed with the cotton lining stop any cold weather from getting in!

Snowman Pyjama Leggings
I recently went wild in Primark, buying £80 of clothes - oops! But I did need a new winter wardrobe and there are just so many cute items in Primark, I could have easily bought £200 worth! My favourite of the haul is this pair of leggings. I bought two other pairs of patterned leggings to be worn out and about, but these are softer and thinner, perfect for lounging about the house!

Peppermint Mocha
Cliche I know, but working right next to a Starbucks has led to an unhealthy addiction! In winter I love having a Peppermint Mocha before my morning shifts, the mint just gives me a little kick to set me up for the day.

Glitter Nail Polishes
I tend to feel the Christmas spirit in December, but with so many shops getting gift sets and decorations in this month, I can't help sporting cute glitter nails! Obviously I've been wearing the red colour the most, but the green is my all time favourite!

What are your favourite product this much? Are you starting to feel Christmassy? 

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