Friday, 20 December 2013

An Early Christmas Gift: Lime Crime Velvetines!

Lime Crime Velvetine £13.50 (link)

My mum has to be one of the most amazing people I know and she certainly proved it by getting me both the Red Velvet and Pink Velvet Lime Crime Velvetines! (link)  She literally checked every day until she saw them in stock and gave them to me knowing I was desperate to try them out!
I was lucky enough to get not one, but two colours: Red Velvet and Pink Velvet (is that even meant to be out in the UK?!) I couldn't wait to try them out as I've seen so many reviews about how long they stay on and the colours look gorgeous! I also love the smell -a soft vanilla, although my boyfriend smelled it and said he thinks it smells a bit like lime, which makes sense! Does anyone agree? After he said it I started to smell lime too but I'm not positive.

Dont you just love close ups, you can see my lip piercing hole and all my application mistakes ;)

As a MAC lipstick lover (link) I'm always on the hunt for long lasting lip colours and my main test is if it stays put overnight- I discovered that after a night out MAC lipstick stays on my lips perfectly when I'm too tired to take my make up off! I put both colours on a half of my lips and went to bed and in the morning, although they were a bit smudged they were still fairly vibrant! My next test was brushing my teeth with them (I can't remember where I read MAC lipsticks stay on after this but I've tried it and it's true!) but it unfortunatly smeared the Velvetine over my mouth even more.

I got curious as to how kiss proof lip products work and did a little bit of research. Lipsticks are made up mostly of waxes, oils and emollients. Matte lipsticks are made up of a higher percentage of wax, and lower of emollient, where as sheer and tint lipsticks are more emollient and less wax. Long lasting lip products have less oil to prevent smudging and silicon oils are used to prevent the formula from drying out and cracking. When applied to the lips the silicon oils evaporate to create a long lasting finish.



The colour is very vibrant and as the consistency is like a lacquer, it gives a good even coverage to the lips. Velvetine goes on creamy and dries on for a matte finish, which stays even and bright!

Staying Power

I was a bit disappointed by this as everyone has had such good reviews on the staying power. Although it does last a good 5-6 hours, as soon as I eat or drink the middle of my lips smudges and stains around my lips, not a good look! I also need to fully take it off my lips before I reapply as, as a second layer starts to bleed around my lips, not something I've ever experienced before!


I think the price is reasonable for the colour and staying power, it's not as cheap as drugstore brands, but not as expensive as a lot of high end brands! Seeing as it doesn't need reapplying all that often I think it is worth the money as it will last me a good wee while.


I don't know why but I'm not overly taken by the box the Velvetines come in! It's nice enough, but if I saw it in a shop I wouldn't be drawn to it. I am however taken by the tube, I LOVE the fact that the tube is matte and transparent. The doe foot applicator is quite small, making it easy to apply without making mistakes, which is great as if you do they're a pain in the butt to clean up.

The only issue I have other than smudging when eating is that my lips do become quite dry after a day of wearing the Velvetines, mainly because the matte finish does dry out my lips and I can't apply lip balm as it smudges the colour everywhere. Have you tried Velvetines yet? What are your thoughts?


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