Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dainty Doll Foundation - Review and Swatches

I once got told in school I looked better because I'd "stopped wearing white foundation" - which was mortifying as I hadn't been wearing a lighter foundation at all! I had just started fake tanning and for a good few years after I kept tanning almost weekly as it made me self conscious to be pale. Even with tan on I still looked incredibly pale compared to my friends.

Since about May I've slowly started to embrace my paleness (mainly because I'm too lazy to keep up the tan and being ginger let's me get away with it more than I was blond) and one of the hardest things has been finding a foundation that matches my skin and doesn't slip off after an hour. Even MAC Prep and Prime BB in Extra Light (link) is an obvious difference to my neck, but at is stayed on so well I stuck to it and blended down onto my neck. I tend to wear powder and concealer during the day to let my skin breathe, but when I'm going somewhere in the evening I look for a bit more coverage.

When I spotted Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation on Fragrance Direct (link) for £2.99 I couldn't pass up the chance at trying it. I had read reviews in the past about how good the range is 
but never bothered to buy it as I knew MAC worked so well for me. I bought the 001 and 002 as I read a lot of reviews saying 001 is too light and almost ghostly. I do agree with that view as it is incredibly pale, but it does match my skin perfectly and as long as I have a little bit of blush and bronze to stop my face looking flat it still looks nice!

As you can see in the photos, 002 is a bit more yellow toned, but once blended in there isn't too much difference on a small area. However, in the below photos you can see when on my face 002 is visibly different than my neck, so I tend to stick to 001.

I figured I didn't need to label which one is which, it's pretty obvious!


Colour 5/5
Even though I look like a ghost when I first put the foundation on, it blends perfectly with my own skin and as I said, a bit of bronze and blush makes it look so much better!

Coverage 4/5 
The foundation is light coverage, so it gives an even finish and covers spots, but I do need a little bit of concealer on top to take away the redness of the spots.

Staying Power 4/5
I find when I first put this foundation that it's extremely creamy to the point it's almost sticky, but after a light dusting of powder it sets and lasts a good 4-5 hours before I need to reapply to my t zone.

Price 5/5
I'm only saying this because I got it so cheap on Fragrance Direct, although I notice it has now disappeared. I don't know if it's been discontinued in the Uk, but I've seen it on Ebay for about £3, which is still much better than the retail price which I think was £12. Hopefully once I finish this bottle I will still be able to find more online!

Packaging 3/5

The box that the foundation comes in is gorgeous, I love how the last on it is drawn almost like a sketch for a designer. The bottle the foundation comes in however is pretty naff, as it's made all from plastic and feels really cheap. The pump however is great and the packaging is lightweight, which is a silver lining!

I really, really like this foundation so I hope it's not being discontinued! Have you tried it? All my pale readers, which other foundations have you found are good for our peaches and cream complexion?



  1. I have mega pale skin too and this looks fab! Couldn't see it on FD now though - have you found anywhere else that sells it?

  2. No the only place I can now see it is eBay or Amazon :/ I keep hoping FD will get it back!


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