Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winter Wishlist

I love reading every ones winter wish lists for ideas; with the combination of my birthday in October and having a job that gives me enough money to buy most of the things I want, I never really know what to ask for for Christmas!

All photos sourced from the products' respective websites.

HeadKandy Extensions £85.99 (link)

I used to buy these before the website changed to Dirty Looks and I really liked them. The quad weft adds so much thickness and really helps to blend the extensions into my natural hair. I first bought HK extensions in Paparazzi Highlights back when I had bleached highlights, then a year later I dyed my hair back to auburn, so I bought Spiced Auburn. That was 9 months ago now and I feel that I need new ones, as I had thinned them out quite a lot as my hair was thin and damaged from bleach. Now my hair is much thicker and starting to grow too long for the side wefts, which I had cut to blend in with my natural hair. I'm a bit apprehensive that the website has changed to Dirty Looks, as before they claimed to have nothing to do with BobbyGlam, but now they sell them! Hopefully the extensions will still be as good though.

Opal Ring £45 (link)

I've actually already been in to see about this ring and I'm waiting to hear if they have any in my size. It's from Ortak as part of their Birthstone range, which was in the window. When I had been looking at rings for my birthday I had seen an opal ring in H Samuel, but it was something near £179 and I actually prefer this one! 

Essie Neon Collection in Bottle Service/DJ Play That Song/Bouncer It's Me £5.95-£6.45 (link)

I've had my eye on these nail polishes since they came out in Summer, who cares if they're last season?! I love the brightness and I'm interested to see if DJ Play That Song is actually neon.

Velvetine (Any Colour) £11.50 (link)

So this is probably pretty impossible to get for Christmas, but after seeing this on my friends Instagram, I did a quick google search and fell in love! I can't decide if I want to try and get Red Velvet or Suedeberry, or wait until Pink Velvet is released in the UK.

Unii Palette £10 (link)

How cute are these? You simply depot your make up, place into the palette and voila! All your make up in one place! No need for bulky packaging and compacts. I can't decide between lavender or turquoise, or maybe I should go for classic midnight? Hmmm...



  1. I am dying to try a Lime Crime Velvetine. Really loving the matte lip at the moment. :) Great little wish list!

    Kate Xx

    1. Thanks :)
      I know, my friend always wears it and I get so jealous! Guess I'll stick to my Kate Moss matte lipstick for now!



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