Monday, 20 January 2014

How To Shape Eyebrows To Suit Your Face Shape

My usual yellow writing didn't show up enough to be readable on my skintone, it's a hard life!

 As much as eyebrows trends change every few years, from big and thick to pencil thin, there are certain shapes that complement each face shape.

First, let's start off with the basic rules for the length and arch of the brow. You may have a distinct shape already, or, like me, you may have almost an straight eyebrow shape. To make it easy to show where each point is, I'm using a cream eyeliner to mark the skin above my eyebrow. I always groom my eyebrow into a neat shape to get the best results.

Using a thin make up brush, wooden spatula or tinting brush, measure from the side of your nose up to your brow. Mark just above the eyebrow. This is where your eyebrow should start and any hair past this mark should be removed.

Next look straight ahead and measure from the side of your nose through the outside of your pupil. Again, mark above your brow where this meets. This is where the highest point of the brow arch should be. 

Finally, measure from the nose outwards to the outer corner of your eye. Mark where this meets the brow. This is how far out your eyebrow should reach.

Next you must decide how thick or thin you want your eyebrows to be. To help, here is a chart on which eyebrow shapes best suit each face shape.

Oval Face Shape

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An oval face shape is considered to be the perfect shape and therefore requires the perfect brown shape. This is a soft, angular shape, which tapers out at the outer corner.

Round Face 

A high, rounded arch will help to create length and an even thickness to the arch tapering out at the corner will help to even out the face.

Long Faces

Those with a long face are better to keep their eyebrows straight, keeping most of thickness and tapering out at the outer corner. This helps to draw in the face and make it appear shorter.

Square Faces

A smooth, tapering arch of medium thickness will help to soften the strong features of this face shape. (This is my face shape and I'm awful for making them too thin)

Heart Shapes Faces

A low, soft arch with an even thickness up to the arch will help to balance the face and draw in the forehead.


A soft, high arch with even thickness will soften the harsh angles of the face.

How you remove the hair is up to yourself, I personally prefer to wax as it is quick and easy to get sharp shape. As you can see from the "After" photo, all I need to do is pluck out a few stray hairs and I'm good to go! If you prefer tweezing, be sure to constantly take a break and have a look at your eyebrow shape from further away, to stop over plucking.

Do you shape your eyebrows yourself, or go to a salon? Or are you maybe one of the few lucky people who don't need to shape their eyebrows at all? If so, I'm incredibly jealous!


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