Monday, 6 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

I always over-indulge in the Christmas period, so its no surprise that my main New Years resolution is to get back into healthy eating. For a while I had a really good diet, eating lots of salads, healthy smoothies and avoiding sweets and too many carbs. However, I fell out of that habit after my birthday in October and since then started snacking a lot and eating an unhealthy consumption of Dominos (Seriously, how can anyone resist??) I love following fitness motivation pages on Instagram and I want to bulk up and become stronger, but I understand that diet is a lot to do with it. By the end of the year I want to have visible muscle and have gotten myself into a good eating habit. I also definitely need to drink more water!

My main blog related New Years resolution is to take better photos. I'm still working to find a nice background, but for the moment I like the background I have on my chest of drawers. Since its coming up to Spring I'm hoping for better lighting and hopefully I can get better at choosing angles and exposure, especially with swatches.

My other blog resolution is to reach 500 followers. Random I know, but every time I get an email saying I've got a new follower I still get excited and tell my mum and my boyfriend! To think even one person enjoys my blog makes me happy, to me its an enjoyable pass time!

I also got incredibly burnt during RFL, just goes to show how much damage an hour in the sun can do!

Every year I take part in Race For Life and last year was the first 10k in Aberdeen. I completed it in just over an hour, but I could have definitely could have managed a faster time! This year I aim to complete the 10k in under 55 minutes, which shouldn't be too hard.

A lot of my resolutions resolve around exercise, so my next one is to move up to Intermediate Level in my Pole Fitness class! I love pole fitness and the studio I go to are great because they focus a lot more on strength and core rather than acting sexy and bum wiggling (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not what I'm interested in!) Some of the girls in my class are quite advanced and it's so much fun to think that it will be me if I stick to it! I love spins and anything that involves throwing myself about, especially jumping angel into pike. There's such a sense of achievement when you manage to do that one move that's been frustrating you for weeks on end.

What are your New Years resolutions this year? Do you normally manage to stick to them?


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