Monday, 13 January 2014

Top 5 Beauty Tools

Over the past year I have amassed a large collection of make up tools, some of which I use and some which I have completely ignored. Brushes are an important part of my make up routine, as I wear make up almost every day for work. Using your fingers to apply make up can spread bacteria and the heat from your fingers opens the pores on your face, causing make up to enter the pores and clog them up. Brushes should be washed regularly to prevent bacteria from harvesting. Here are the 5 make up tools I use on a regular basis to give a flawless make up look!

1. Blending/Smudge Brush

Whenever I wear eyeshadow, I go for the smoky eyed look. It really helps to make the eye pop and is always fashionable. A blending  or smudging brush helps to take away harsh edges and smooth the colours together. I find the dome shape of this brush helps to give a precise appliction, so my eyeshadow looks neat and well blended.

2. Beauty Blender

I'm still suspicious as to whether or not a beauty blender is different from any other sponge, but it makes my foundation look smooth and flawless, without leaving any lines like a brush. I dampen it when I do my skincare routine so it dries out for about 10 minutes before I apply my foundation. As you can see its a bit tatty now and needs replaced, but its lasted me well and as I said it works well too! 

3. Stipple Brush

The beauty blender gives a light coverage, so at night when I want a thicker coverage, I choose a stipple brush. It packs on liquid foundation and gives a very smooth finish, without looking cakey. I use a stippling motion then gently buff using circular motions to remove any dotty-ness. (getting real technical here!) I also bought a smaller version to use under my eyes and around my nose, which is good for liquid concealer as the bristles are more tightly packed.

4. Flat Topped Brush

This is actually meant to be for powder, but a lot of the time I ignore the uses of brushes and use them how I see fit! I love using this for bronzer as I can turn it on to its side to contour my cheeks and nose. I then use the flat top to apply bronzer to my temples and jawline and buff out.

5. 99% Alcohol

As I said before, its important to keep your brushes clean to stop bacteria spreading. I wash my brushes once a week as much as possible, but I still like to spray them with 99% alcohol and wipe on a tissue after use to kill any bacteria. I also spray any powder based make up I have once a month to keep them clean. You can also use 99% alcohol on an eye shadow brush and wipe on a tissue if you want to use a different colour, as it takes seconds to dry and the previous colour will wipe off onto the tissue.

What are your favourite make up tools? Do you manage to remember to wash your brushes regularly? 


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