Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites

This month has been a blur of struggling with money and travelling down to Glasgow once a week for my Make Up Course. Taking away one of my days off a week has really made my week go by quicker! This month my favourites are a bit of a strange mix, but they've made this month seem easier! 

Garnier Micellar Water

After reading so many reviews on the Garnier and L'Oreal Micellar Water being dupes of Bioderma, I couldn't resist giving them a try. I saw that Savers was selling Garnier for £2.99 so picked it up. I'm not sure about claims of 200 uses, but a small amount goes a long way and apart from mascara which needs a little work, it takes off make up with ease.

My New Boots

Don't you just hate when your favourite boots turn on you and start giving you blisters? I don't normally buy much off of eBay, but I really wanted buckle ankle boots to replace my old pair and as I mentioned I don't have a lot of money this month. I looked online and found this pair, which look similar to a pair I saw in Topshop. They're extremely comfy and I've had many compliments on them, which is always a bonus!

Ecosse Sweet Pea Candle

I've mentioned Ecosse candles before, but I absolutely love them! Sweet Pea is my favourite scent so when I feel tired and want to wind down, its the fragrance I go for! Plus, the wooden wick gives a soft crackling which is extremely comforting.

Microfibre Blanket (sorry no photo, it's pretty boring haha)

In get up at half 5 to catch the early bus to Glasgow, so obviously I'm still tired. I am now an expert at sleeping curled up over the two bus seats- don't worry, it's always quiet enough that I'm not hogging a seat! My mum spotted a microfibre blanket in John Lewis and bought me it for my journeys since the heating isn't normally on on the bus. It keeps me nice and cosy, plus, my mum bought it in my favourite colour- purple!

What are your favourite items this month? Have you been trying any new products? 


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