Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites

This month seems to have flown by! I don't know if it's the warmer weather, longer sunlight or what. I don't feel like there's anything different I've used that I've thought "WOW! This is great!" so here is a very short March Favourites!

Butterfly Hair Clips

£1 Primark, safe for mauling about in my bag and loosing half the teeth. This is why I don't have nice things!

I've been using these for the best part of 6 months now and it seems stupid that I've never mentioned them! I'm extremely lazy, so I can never be bothered taming my curly locks, never mind trying to repair the years of damage! I use a large clip to pin my fringe back instead of kerbies, or I use two smaller ones to pin my fringe to the sides. I'm very unceremonious in the way of pinning my hair, I literally grab a chunk of hair and wiggle about the clip until it stays in place.

My "Selfies" leave much to be desired..

Another way I use these clips is when I have my hair in a bun, it's a cute addition and keeps all the fly aways in place.

Essie Sunday Funday

Of course all of my nails broke as I decided this would be in my blog! -.-

I've been wearing this pinky coral polish for the past 3 weeks and decided it was worthy of being worn on my tootsies (I'm too lazy to change my toes up once as week!) It's a lovely spring colour and the subtle sparkles make me feel that little bit brighter when the weather is dull.

Essie Mademoiselle

At least at this point only one nail had broken!

I never really wear pale polish as my nails are short and fat, which is only accentuated by paler polishes. But, I went out on a whim and bought both Fuji and Mademoiselle and I've found myself drawn to Mademoiselle quite a lot! It's a delicate nude, like a flattering bridal colour, even on my stubby nails.

The Sims 3

I stupidly decided my week off work was a great time to get The Sims 3 and all of the expansions. So all I've done is design houses, accidentally drowned Sims at my pool party and WooHooed in as many different places as I can (So much maturity!) I don't even like the actual RPG part of it, I just love designing and pimping out houses!

Hopefully I haven't bored anyone to sleep with my mundane favourites! What have you been loving this month?



  1. I nominated you for the liebster award! x


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