Monday, 21 April 2014

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

Sorry for the bad quality, this was so hard to take a photo of!

It seems to take me forever to use up one mascara, but I am finally on to my next tube. I received Cliniques High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara for my birthday from my work colleague Alison back in October and I've been dying to use it ever since!

What the website says: "High Impact Extreme Mascara, a does-it-all mascara. Creates ultra-thick and extreme volumised lashes through a new formula and unique brush, allowing precise application. "

The mascara is an intense black colour and really does give lots of volume without clumping. The end of the wand is curved with little spikes all over, meaning you can use it to get to the smaller inner lashes and separate any stubborn lashes. The wand is made of plastic, which is definitely my preference; bristles do nothing for me!

You can see from my before and after that my lashes are extremely darkened and volumised, without looking overly clumpy. I really wanted to love this mascara as it makes my eyes stand out, but unfortunately when worn alone I end up with smudges on my eyelids and underneath my eyes after a few hours. I find this problem a lot with mascaras and no amount of primer or powder seems to remedy it.

I chose black writing as the yellow was hard to read- don't hate me!


Volume 4/5

This mascara does make my lashes extremely thick and intense without any clumping, but I do feel they're a little bit spidery. I get a lot of complements on how much my eyes stand out with this mascara, so I can let a little bit of spidering slide!

Length 5/5

My lashes do look lovely and long and the wand makes it easy to coat them from root to tip, which is never a bad thing!

Packaging 4/5

The tube is quite fat, which makes me feel that I am getting good value for money. As with most Clinique packaging, it's very simple and clean, with a reflective surface. Although I do find this attractive, it does put me off a little as my make up gets grubby enough without fingerprints being added to it!

Price 3/5

At £17, this is a pretty good price between drugstore and most "high end" mascaras. I would say that there are better alternatives for cheaper, scoring it a 3.

Application 4/5

I do like the wand for this mascara, although the spikes could be either a bit closer together or longer. The wand is a good size for my small eyes, so I don't feel as at risk of poking myself in the eye.

Longevity 2/5

As I mentioned, this is where I am let down by this particular mascara. As I have oily skin I find it hard to get a mascara to stay on my eyes without flaking off or leaving smudges on my skin. As this mascara is thickening it means that the smudges are more obvious and almost create a line of black under my eyebrow.

Overall I do like this mascara and would love to repurchase it, but smudging is a massive no-no in my eyes - excuse the pun. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't have this problem and is looking for an intense, thickening effect.

What do you look for in a mascara, or mascara wand?


  1. I find alot of mascaras smudge on me except the Benefit they're real, I love it x

    1. That's the next mascara on my list haha, along with the soap and glory one! My friend has They're Real and her lashes are amazing!



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