Monday, 14 April 2014

What's In My Bag?

Everyone has a nosey side to them, so it's no wonder there are tags like this one! I'm sorry to say my bag is full of some pretty mundane items!

I obviously always have my purse in my handbag. It's so old and grubby now that I should really get a new one! In fact, I think I got my purse for my 18th, oh my! As well as my purse I usually have my Nexus with me so I can blog and browse the internet on lunch break or on long bus journeys. I recently bought a cute case that has a keyboard that can be plugged into my Nexus, it even has real "tappy" keys! Another thing I always have are my keys, how cute is little Tim?! (is that the right minion name?) I also always have my glasses and contacts with eye drops on me, as I often switch between the two, depending how lazy I feel.

I keep some hair accessories in my bag to help tame my wild locks. I have a banana clip I usually wear for work, kerbie grips, bobbles and a pack of butterfly clips, which are fabulous for pinning back my fringe when I can't be bothered styling it.

I like to have have Lipscuff, lip balm and usually a colour or two of lipstick/lacquer in the front section of my bag. I use the Lipscuff in the morning and the lip balm throughout the day to keep my lips soft, plus you never know when you'll need a lick of colour!

Then we have a few random items;  breath mints, tweezers and a lighter. I don't smoke, but I've got a few friends who do and someone is ALWAYS looking for a lighter, so it's handy to have. Plus I've made plenty of friends in smoking areas from having a lighter! 

So there we have it, my mundane bag! What are your essentials that never leave your bag? Do you change your bag often, or use them for as long as they last like me?


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