Monday, 26 May 2014

Kinda Sorta No-Poo Method

Recently the Internet has exploded with bloggers raving about the reverse shampooing method, for keeping hair cleaner and more manageable for longer. About a year ago, there was a similar trend called the No-Poo Method, where hair is washed once a week with baking soda solution and conditioned with an apple cider vinegar solution. After researching the method I was pretty much hooked by promises of barely having to wash my hair, better curls and softer locks. The only problem? I wasn't so keen to be scrubbing baking soda into my roots and rinsing it with vinegar.

After a little bit more research I noticed that a lot of websites stated that it was hard chemicals in shampoo such as silicones, parabens and most importantly the foaming agent sulphates that can damage and dry out the hair and scalp, causing the sebaceous glands to work in overdrive to compensate. I decided to buy a gentle shampoo and conditioner without these chemicals to see if I could cut down on washing my hair every day. I also used heat as little as I could on my hair and cut down to just a curl boosting serum as product.

Fast forward a year and my hair is now softer, more manageable and a hell of a lot thicker! I wash my hair twice a week and rinse with water in between. To start with I conditioned whenever I rinsed, but now I only condition when I shampoo! I use The Body Shop Rainforest shampoo and conditioner, which is no longer on the website but as far as I know should be available in store. I usually chose the Shine version for normal hair types, but most recently it was out of stock so I bought the Balance shampoo for oily hair and Moisture conditioner for dry hair. I think the shampoo is too strong and upsetting my hair a bit, so once this bottle is finished I'll be sticking to the Shine version!

The first few weeks were quite hard as my hair obviously still produced a lot of oil and got greasy quite quickly. I had a week off work so I literally stayed in my house and didn't wash my hair for as long as I could physically cope with. After about 6 weeks I noticed my hair settling down and getting less greasy. After 3 months I started to see a difference with my curls, they were a lot less frizzy and starting to get more defined. By 6 months my hair started going in to thick ringlets when first dried and falling out into loose curls. Now, a year later my hair is thicker, doesn't need any styling products added and in much better condition. I've hardly seen any split ends and only need the ends trimmed and layers cut in when they get a bit bushy. I still don't think I could go completely no-poo, but I doubt I will ever go back to shampoos with nasty chemicals in them. When I go on holiday I buy sample sized shampoos which do and my hair is left frizzy and dried out.

Have you tried either of these hair crazes? If so, what do you think? I'm going to give reverse shampooing a go to see if there's a difference, I'm so intrigued!



  1. I have been using sulphate free shampoo for about 6 months and it's definitely much better :) I tried to No-Poo method a couple of years ago but I just couldn't hack it. Couldn't handle the cider method :( But I am currently still washing my hair in reverse, I am in about Week 3 and I love it! :)

    Kate |

    1. Yeah I feel like my hair would just stink of cider haha XD I keep forgetting that I'm trying to reverse wash and using shampoo first argh!



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