Monday, 30 June 2014

Fifty Shades Of Pale: A Ginger In Corfu (Part 2)

I can't believe its only been a week since I was in Corfu, I've come back to such a hectic life that it feels like I need another holiday already! If you haven't already you can catch up on the first part of this post here
Scott just reminded me of a funny story from one of our first days. We'd been walking along the main road back to our hotel and had been honked at by a few cars. We were confused as we were walking as far away from the road as possible to make sure we weren't in the way of the cars...Until I went to get something from my bag and realised my skirt had gotten caught on my bag and lifted right up to expose my bottom. Luckily I had bikini bottoms of which covered me quite well!

We left off on Monday, the day I discovered my dislike for scuba diving. After a large meal and a late night, Scott and I discovered that one of our excursions - a glass bottomed boat trip- had been cancelled. We went for brunch on Tuesday morning and a walk along the beach, before returning to the hotel for a well earned nap and a few episodes of Orange Is The New Black. That night we went on a boat trip to Corfu Town, the main hub in Corfu. Most of the streets were crammed full of of shops, which I wasn't a big fan of. We walked along the harbour and found somewhere to eat and avoid the rain that had started. After the meal, we wondered back into the market-like streets and found ourselves being lured into a fish foot spa. It was one of the weirdest experiences in my life, almost like having mini electric toothbrushes tapping your feet.

We'd managed to last all this time without getting much sunburn, but our Wednesday was spent at a water park called Aqualand, which ended up with both of us getting bad patches of sunburn, despite constantly reapplying lotion. We were really excited to visit another water park, as we went to Siam Park in Tenerife last year and were absolutely blown away. Although Aqualand was good, it had nothing on Siam Park and we found ourselves spending most of our time at the wave pool. As I'm quite small I really struggled to keep my rubber ring at the deep end where the best waves are as I couldn't reach my arms back enough to paddle, meaning I spend a lot of the time paddling furiously back towards the deep end after being washed away. One of the times the waves went side to side instead of along the length of the pool, which was amazing as it literally threw you up in the air if you got caught where the waves hit. As much as I was enjoying it I was pretty worried about falling off my ring and not being strong enough to get back on to it against the waves, so I held back a little.

When we got home we quickly showered and headed to the Greek night at our hotel. The portions they served were massive and they food was great, plus there was unlimited free wine during the meal (although we're not big wine drinkers). After the meal there were performers who came and showed us traditional Greek dancing, encouraging everyone to get involved. The movements reminded me a lot of Ceilidh dancing and the outfits were a little similar too. Right at the end of the night everyone got up to dance and smash some plates, fabulous!

Our last day was pretty much spend on a boat, as we chose to take a trip to see Paxos, Antipaxos and the Blue Caves. I felt really ill and being on a boat really wasn't helping, so most of my journey was spent sleeping, leaving poor Scott to entertain himself. The visit to the Blue Caves and Antipaxos was pretty short, but the boat stopped in Paxos for two hours, giving us time to get lunch and have a wonder about. We chose a nearby Italian restaurant and both had gnocchi, which I really wish I had been feeling better for as it was delicious. Afterwards we walked about the nearby streets, but as I wasn't feeling great the heat made me feel weak and we ended up walking back to the harbour pretty quickly. There were so many stray cats on the island and they were all really friendly, so we stopped to give some water to a beautiful, fluffy Maine Coon type kitty. After our two hours were up, we got back on the boat and again I slept for most of the journey. 

That night we went for a meal at Alexandros again and said goodbye to the owners and waiters, who had been so lovely and taken an interest into our lives and our time in Corfu. There was a mental thunderstorm over night and I was a bit worried about our flight being cancelled, but luckily it was still on and we arrived home in the early afternoon. As much as I had enjoyed the holiday, it was a little too laid back and quiet for my liking. I'd definitely go back to Corfu again in the future, but I'd like to go to a different, busier town!

So there we have it, the first adventure for my blog! Are you going away this summer? If so, where to?


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Would You Rather? Beauty Edition

One time I made lashes for a disco themed make up look...

I love a good tag, so I can never resist joining in whenever I see one! I've had this in my drafts for a while, but I think today is the perfect time to unleash it, as my life is a little bit hectic at this moment in time!

Would you rather lose all of your mascara's, eyeliners, lipsticks and lip glosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

For now I don't have any expensive palettes and eyeshadows so I'd happily forfeit them! I have too many limited edition MAC lipsticks to lose them all.

Would you rather chop all your hair off or never be able to cut it again?

Never be able to cut it again! I don't suit short hair and it takes years just to grow just a few inches, so I'd rather keep it in good condition but not cut it.

Would you rather have coral cheeks or pink cheeks?

Is this naturally or only being able to use one colour? Right now I'm loving coral so I'll go with that!

If you had £1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or make up?

Make-up! I always just buy clothes in bulk once or twice a year, but I'm always trying out and lusting after make up.

Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner or eyeliner as lipstick?

I think I'd have to go for crazy lips, there's no way I could get a neat line of eyeliner using lipstick. Plus, it's all about ombre lips, right?!

Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

I've never shopped at Sephora as I'm in the UK so I'll be choosing MAC! I also want pretty much all of the contents of MAC, so I guess it's a clear winner.

Would you rather choose one eyeshadow colour or one lipstick colour to use for the rest of your life?

I wouldn't really be bothered either way, but I love a smoky eye so i guess I'd rather have only one lip colour!

Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer, or summer clothes in winter?

Ahh tough choice! As I live in Scotland I don't think I could survive winter in shorts and crop tops, so winter clothes in summer?!

Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?

I'm not fussy about nails, but I'd choose bright since that's what I usually wear!

Would you rather give up your favourite lip colour or your favourite eye product?

This seems really unfair! I choose lip colour, I depend on mascara too much!

Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony or a messy bun?

I am all over the messy bun, I don't know why but I HATE my hair in a pony tail!

Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?

Never use lipgloss, I don't use it anyway.

Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in every day?

I feel like both these kind of go hand in hand? I guess sharpie them in, maybe I can be all artistic and make it look nice...

Would you rather live without make up or nail polish?

Nail polish. I love being creative with make up, but nails seem like such a chore to me!

You guys know the drill, link your answers in the comments!


Monday, 23 June 2014

Fifty Shades Of Pale: A Ginger In Corfu (Part 1)

If you follow me on any platform then you'll probably know how incredibly pale and delicate  my skin is. You'll also probably know I went to Corfu for a week with Scott. I was well prepared with factor 50 sun cream and only got a little burnt by the end of the holiday, proud of me!

We stayed in a resort in Roda called Oasis. It has both hotel rooms and apartments, a pool with bar and a main restaurant/bar at reception. Everyone was really friendly and it seemed like a lot of people regularly stay there. The pool area was never too busy during our stay and we never had issues getting a sun lounger or splashing about in the pool. There was a mini supermarket directly across the road and Roda was only a 10 minute walk away, so on our first day we wondered in and found somewhere to book a weeks worth of excursions. We even got free mini bottles of Kumquat Liqueur!

We walked along the beach front to Acharavi, then stopped for a few drinks in a nearby bar. On our walk back we went to a beautiful beachfront restaurant, but unfortunately we didn't get the name of it. Even the staff commented on how hot it was that day and I was worried about how I'd last in the heat! I had olives and baked feta as a starter and a penne pasta for my main, with Scott tackling a messy seafood pasta.

Our first excursion was called the Beach BBQ, which was a boat trip and obviously a BBQ on the beach. It was probably my favourite day of the holiday as it was a lovely day and there was a great atmosphere. On the way to the beach the boat stopped so that everyone could swim in the sea. I'm not a strong swimmer and I suck at treading water so I avoided this part and opted for paddling in the sea once we got to the beach. The hosts were great banter, messing about when serving the food and making jokes with everyone. Once we had the BBQ we got about an hour to laze about before having an ice cream and playing games. The hosts kept coming over to make sure I'd put enough sun cream on and had a cover up to stop my shoulders getting burnt, even though Scott is almost as pale as me! I guess the hair colour is a dead give away that I'm more likely to burn...

Our second excursion was scuba diving, which I had never tried before. There were three of us in the beginners dive and we started off by standing in shallow water and learning to breathe through the regulator. We were shown how to swim with flippers and how to move about. As soon as we started I felt extremely panicky and had to go to the surface for a few seconds to stop myself having a panic attack. When I went back under I tried to keep my shit together and take my mind off it by concentrating on breathing slowly, but I just felt extremely on edge. I found it hard to relax enough to enjoy it and keep my breathing regular, so as amazing as it was I just wanted it to be over. By the time we got back to the boat I was shaking and felt dizzy but to my surprise Scott hadn't even noticed how badly I'd be doing.He did a second dive (it was his favourite excursion of the week) and I spent the time sunbathing on the front of the boat. It was such a beautiful landscape around me and the waves gently moving the boat quickly calmed me down. As I was the only one there it was so peaceful and I felt so happy just looking about at the nearby islands.

At night we wondered along the beachfront at Roda and looked that menus from all of the restaurants. We ended up choosing one called Alexandros, which had an upper floor with a weaved roof and a great view of the sea. It had a great selection of vegetarian food and we ended up returning twice more! I absolutely loved the vegetarian moussaka with Greek potatoes, as well as bread and olive paste- YUM! They even gave me a cute giraffe on my milkshake ^-^

I think that's enough for the first installment of my holiday, hopefully you enjoyed reading it, even if I pretty much talked about food for the whole of it. Hey, I told you I like food!


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

I recently saw The Procrastinating Tag on The Ginger and The Blondes blog (link) and couldn't resist joining in! 

Name one beauty regime that you rarely do:

Moisturise my body! I scrub all the time but I hate the feeling of lotions or even oils, they feel so sticky.

Is washing your brushes something you do regularly?

I'm normally really good! I hate foundation covered brushes so my foundation and concealer brushes get washed every other day and the rest once a week or two. Although I am cheeky and take them in the shower with me and put on a hair mask while I clean them XD

How long will you last with chipped nail varnish?

Probably about a week, I always sit and peel chipped varnish.

How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product, even if you need it?

I'm a bit of a discount queen so I always stock up on products when they're in an offer, so I always have extras!

What is your worst beauty habit?

I have far too many to choose the worst! Probably washing my hair right before bed, or as I said before, skipping the body moisturiser.

Name something non beauty related that you put off all the time:

Cleaning my room, I'm not house proud at all >.<

When going out somewhere do you leave getting ready to last minute or not?

It depends, I'm either really early or really late at getting ready, I'm getting better though!

Can you commit to a spending ban?

I probably could, because I'm always paying for holidays, courses, my kit etc so I never have money to spare for myself! 

How organised is your make up and nail polish collection?

My make up is shoved in a drawer and my nail polish is kept in a box, it's an organised mess though!

What is the longest amount of time you have gone without writing a blog post?

Sometimes I draft a few weeks worth at a time, so I take that chance to take a break from blogging. The most is about two weeks I think, I'm always adding to drafts or editing photos.

Again, I tag everyone! I love reading tags, so send me the link if you do, or have done this tag!


Monday, 16 June 2014

Beauty On A Budget : Make Up Starter Collection

Make Up Revolution Cream Blush//Natural Collection Loose Powder//Miss Sporty So Matte Foundation//Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer//Rimmel Scandaleyes Khol Liner//Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara//Revlon Balm Stain//Make Up Academy Luxe Laquer//E.L.F Eyebrow Kit//Sleek Contour Kit

When I first started wearing make up, I felt lost in a world full of options and at the time I didn't know about the beauty world and as I had dial up internet, the short time I was allowed online was spent on making my Bebo page look as pimped out as possible rather than looking up reviews. I just bought whatever the girls in my school were using (Dream Matte Mousse in 3 shades too dark anyone?)

I've decided to put together a collection of make-up items that are good quality but not too pricey, as a "starter collection" for those who are starting to branch out into the wonderful world of make up and looking for a little bit of guidance. Please feel free to leave comments with other suggestions, I tried to keep it small and simple but it's always nice to know others opinions!


Miss Sporty So Matte Foundation £3.49

Ok, so this is a bit of a niche product as it really depends on the finish you like, but I couldn't get over how good this foundation is for under a fiver! It has terrible reviews on Boots' website saying it's cakey and doesn't last, but I've found that it's better than a lot of high end foundations I've tried! The only issue I have is the colour range, with only 3 choices I have to mix it with my Dainty Doll foundation to lighten it up, but for the price I really can't complain. I'd recommend using a small amount and buffing with a stipple brush to avoid any cakeyness.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19

If you've been following the beauty community or some of the well known bloggers *cough cough Zoella* for a while, then you'll probably have already heard how great this concealer is. It doesn't cake, the colours are light enough for pale folk such as myself and it gives great coverage for a small price. Nuff said.

Make Up Revolution Cream Blush £1.50

A blusher. For £1.50. Yes, you heard me right! If I hadn't already been a Make Up Academy  and E.L.F fan I wouldn't have believed that such a cheap product could be any good, but the sudden explosion of this company just backs up how great their products are. The colour selection is small but fits most skin tones and the colours give a glow without covering your cheeks in glitter. Plus it lasts all day! I don't know if this is being patronising, but in case you didn't know, cream blush has to go on before powder or it will look streaky. I actually buy this from Superdrugs website rather than their own website, it can take forever to arrive but I get points on my Superdrug card! (They sometimes give me free sweeties and perfume testers too, bonus!)

Sleek Contour Kit £6.49

 As someone with ghost skin, finding a bronzer that doesn't make me look orange or grey is pretty hard. This kit is a tad on the orange side, but blends so smoothly that it looks subtle and gives a healthy glow. The highlight side is perfect for those that don't like too much shimmer on their face as well!

Natural Collection Loose Powder £1.99

As you know, I find it hard to find much difference in powders, except that some sit on the face a lot more obviously than others. The Natural Collection Powder is so cheap and blends into the skin really well, making it a great investment


Scandaleyes Waterproof Khol Liner £3.99

When I first started wearing make up, eyeliner was definitely the trickiest part to master! I started off with pencil liner, before moving on to liquid when I was about 14. I now love the Scandaleyes Khol liner, it stays all day without budging as it's waterproof.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara £10.99

I've tried a few different versions of this mascara, with my favourite so far being the gold version. The thick brush coats and separates the lashes with no clumps and doesn't leave me with dreaded panda eyes like most.


Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain £7.99

I only tried out the Revlon Colorburst range a month or so a go, but I'm really impressed with the staying power. Even the matte collection lasts 3-4 hours and doesn't dry out the lips. The Balm Stain collection is perfect for those days when you don't want your lips to be the statement piece of your face but still want to add colour. 

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer £3

For the times you do want more colour, the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer dries to a matte finish and lasts for a good hour, which isn't bad for a mere £3!

E.L.F Brow Kit £3.95

I've been buying from E.L.F for roughly 4 years now and I've only just hit pan on the brow kit, which was one of the things I bought in my first order. I'm well aware I should throw it out as it will be well out of date, but until it gives me a reaction I'll continue to use it. At £3.95 it's an inexpensive item which lasts a long time.

There are many brands that have high quality products without a massive price tag, so it's always great to give products the ol' google to see if there's reviews, or even dupes of more expensive brands! Can you recommend any good products for beauty on a budget?


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Holiday Essentials


It's that time of year again - time to crack out the shorts and shades! In a few days I will be jetting off to Corfu for a week with Scott, which means pushing a suitcase to its absolute max, filled with travel sized toiletries and far too many clothes.

The most obvious essential is suncream. I use ASDA's Factor 50 as I burn like a mofo, as well as MAC Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50 on my face. Everyone seems to think I'm crazy, but I really do burn from as little as half an hour in the sun! I have new sunglasses that I bought from ASOS (possibly) last year. I actually bought them in September, so they haven't seen much use yet!

Next is toiletries. I haven't gotten round to buying shampoo and conditioner yet, but I'll be going for the Charles Worthington UV Protection shampoo, conditioner and styling spray. The styling spray is great for protecting the scalp and I use it throughout the day. I have a miniature Strawberry Shower Gel from The Body Shop that will last me well. I also have the EDT and mist, so they might come along with me to complete the theme! I also have the hand sanitiser, which comes along with me in my handbag everyday anyway. Who knows when it'll come in handy! I didn't add toothpaste, deodorant or suchlike into the picture as I figure they're pretty boring, but obviously I'm taking all that sort of thing as well!

I can't be bothered with make up on holiday, except for my eyes and brows (if I'm feeling fancy), but waterproof eyeliner and mascara is a must. It has to be MAC for this, as it literally doesn't budge unless you scrub at it! I'm also taking The Body Shops Vitamin C Face mist to add a little luxury; who can resist a wee spritz in the hot sun?!

My feet get ridiculously hot in the sun. They don't seem to be overly sweaty, but even after a run they tend to go bright red and hot, so The Body Shops Cooling Foot Spray is perfect after a long day of activities in the sun!

The last item that is essential for me not only on holiday, but in everyday life is a packet of antihistamines. I've been taking random allergic reactions to something, causing my eyes to swell up so badly that I can't see. It's happened about 5 times now in different scenarios, making it impossible for doctors to test for. So, I always have a supply of Piriton that I take whenever I can feel an allergic eye itch coming on!

What are your holiday essentials? I should probably add my Nexus 7 to this list as it will come in handy for the flight, I'll be reading books and playing games to keep myself amused.


Monday, 9 June 2014

MAC Playland Purchases and Swatches

MAC Playland Collection

As we all know, I'm a bit of a MAC lover and I can never resist the collections. The Playland Collection had sold out of some of the things I wanted by the time I saw the email and went online, so I waited for it to come into my local store last Thursday. I resisted waiting at the door at 9am and casually strolled in at about 10, making a beeline for the stand. The two girls that were working both greeted me immediately and one of them - Lucy according to my receipt- happily wandered over to tell me about the collection and how it had launched that day (I was too embarrassed to admit the manager had told me earlier that week when I had asked).  She proceeded to tell me what each colour looked like and what they were wearing themselves.

As I has already been looking online I knew which shades I was going to buy, so I chose two Pigments and two Lipsticks, then off we went to the till! Both girls were wearing the look themselves, looking pretty edgy with the Neo-Orange Pigment under their eyes and lining the underside of their brows.

The lipstick I had my eye on straight away was Toying Around. On the website it's described perfectly as a "Hot Coral Pink". The coral is a subtle undertone, so it's perfect for anyone who wants to try coral but is scared to go all out.

I found it hard to choose between Sweet Experience and Red Balloon, but decided on Sweet Experience since I own far too many deep pinks and shy away from lighter shades. On the website Sweet Experience as a "Bright Pink' but I personally think it's a lot more of a light barbie pink. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of it on myself, as it kind of makes my lips look like I've had fillers (maybe not a bad thing, no?). I have quite dark lips naturally, so I think if I use foundation as a base to fade out my colour it might look a bit nicer.

I'm a little bit obsessed with pigments and I can't resist adding to my collection. They're so versatile and give an amazing effect when used with a little bit of water. I don't have many bright colours at the moment so I chose both Hi-Def Cyan and Neo-Orange. Both are really bright, but Neo-Orange is aptly named as it is almost fluorescent!

I'm really tempted to go back and buy the yellow/gold lipstick and pigment, I'm so intrigued! Have you been tempted by this fun collection yet?


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Disney Tag

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before on my blog, but for two years I worked in The Disney Store! As with most girls I am a huge Disney fan and the best part of the job was being part of the Disney experience for young children, whether it was simply serving them at the tills, showing them how to work the magic mirror, or something more magical like running one of the in store events or helping them spot Tinkerbell and Buzz flying around the store. I even once had a tot who could hardly walk cuddling me and hand me toys as a "present" and there was a girl named Aurora who came in every week after her dance class. On my last ever shift she came up to tell me how she had moved up and got to dance with the "big girls," which almost reduced me to tears knowing I'd never hear her stories again.

Anyway, enough of my nostalgic rambling. I figured it was pretty apt to join in with The Disney Tag!

1. Favourite Disney film?
When I was younger I watched The Aristocats and The Lion King almost daily until the tapes burned out, so I'd definitely say The Lion King is a strong favourite!

2. Favourite Disney Character?
It's ever-changing, but right now I'm loving Flynn Rider.

3. Favourite Disney Princess?
It's a tough choice between Ariel, Merida and Belle for this one. They're all so independent and between the three of them, they make the perfect role model.

4. Rather be Aurora or Cinderella?
Aurora, I would love to have all the woodland animals as friends. Plus, Brair Rose is a pretty cool name!

5. Rather be Hercules or Tarzan?
Hercules! I really didn't like Tarzan at all.

6. Rather be Lizzie McGuire or Raven Baxter?

Another tough one, I'm more like Lizzie so I'll choose her!

7. Favourite Disney song?
There are far too many songs to choose from, so here are my probably joint top 5!
1. Tale As Old As Time
2. Circle Of Life
3. I Just Can't Wait To Be King
4. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
5. Belle
Did you see a theme there? ;)
8. Which Disney character would be your best friend?
Merida, we're hair twins!

9. Which Disney character would be your pet?
Probably Sebastian, I need a voice of reason!

10. Have you ever been to Disneyland?
No!!! I REALLY need to go soon!

That one time we were princesses for Halloween
I tag all of you, urrbody needs a little Disney in their life!


Monday, 2 June 2014

May Favourites

This month has been a roller coaster for me and it feels like my feet have barely touched the ground! I'm ready to go onwards and upwards, with my holiday to Corfu only 2 weeks away (back on the juice cleanse I go!) I've spent the month trying out different items in my professional kit and lusting over everything I want to buy when my professional card for MAC arrives!

Make Up Revolution Cream Blush//The Body Shop InstaBlur//Primark Footies//Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation//New Look Necklaces
As I mentioned in my last post, I had a product reaction that left my face burnt and flaky, so I needed a foundation with a higher coverage than usual to cover the redness on my face. The Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation has covered my skin nicely without looking cakey. I also mixed it with L'Oreal's Infallible 24HR foundation for a catwalk show, which gave the models a flawless, bright and glowing finish.

The second item I keep borrowing from my kit is the Make Up Revolution Cream Blushers. I usually go for a really pink toned blusher, but lately I've been opting for coral and deeper pink tones instead. Now that I've gotten better at applying cream blush I really like the soft effect it gives.

I'm always on the search for the perfect primer, so I jumped at the chance to try out The Body Shops Instablur(*) as soon as it launched. I expected it to be a gel like consistency like the Matte It Primer or Smashboxes Photo Finish Primer, but it's a bit of a harder texture, almost waxy in comparison! It does melt onto the face with ease however, giving a smooth base for long lasting make up without feeling greasy like some silicone based primers.

My footwear has getting a bit tatty so I bought a few new pairs of shoes from New Look- I love buying from the teens section, most of the shoes are £10 or under and they normally have the same shoes as the adult section! I found they are a bit narrow at the toes so wearing them without socks is painful and causes me blisters. So I nipped in to Primark and bought a few pairs of nude and black Seamless Footies, which I have been wearing pretty much every day since.

I have 3 shirts that I wear quite regularly and I can't resist teaming them up with a cute necklace. I have three different kinds that I seem to alternate between, although I have been favouring the chunky chain version the most. They add a little something extra to the outfit and snazz up my plainer shirts.

What have you been reaching for most this month? Are you going anywhere on holiday this summer?

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