Monday, 23 June 2014

Fifty Shades Of Pale: A Ginger In Corfu (Part 1)

If you follow me on any platform then you'll probably know how incredibly pale and delicate  my skin is. You'll also probably know I went to Corfu for a week with Scott. I was well prepared with factor 50 sun cream and only got a little burnt by the end of the holiday, proud of me!

We stayed in a resort in Roda called Oasis. It has both hotel rooms and apartments, a pool with bar and a main restaurant/bar at reception. Everyone was really friendly and it seemed like a lot of people regularly stay there. The pool area was never too busy during our stay and we never had issues getting a sun lounger or splashing about in the pool. There was a mini supermarket directly across the road and Roda was only a 10 minute walk away, so on our first day we wondered in and found somewhere to book a weeks worth of excursions. We even got free mini bottles of Kumquat Liqueur!

We walked along the beach front to Acharavi, then stopped for a few drinks in a nearby bar. On our walk back we went to a beautiful beachfront restaurant, but unfortunately we didn't get the name of it. Even the staff commented on how hot it was that day and I was worried about how I'd last in the heat! I had olives and baked feta as a starter and a penne pasta for my main, with Scott tackling a messy seafood pasta.

Our first excursion was called the Beach BBQ, which was a boat trip and obviously a BBQ on the beach. It was probably my favourite day of the holiday as it was a lovely day and there was a great atmosphere. On the way to the beach the boat stopped so that everyone could swim in the sea. I'm not a strong swimmer and I suck at treading water so I avoided this part and opted for paddling in the sea once we got to the beach. The hosts were great banter, messing about when serving the food and making jokes with everyone. Once we had the BBQ we got about an hour to laze about before having an ice cream and playing games. The hosts kept coming over to make sure I'd put enough sun cream on and had a cover up to stop my shoulders getting burnt, even though Scott is almost as pale as me! I guess the hair colour is a dead give away that I'm more likely to burn...

Our second excursion was scuba diving, which I had never tried before. There were three of us in the beginners dive and we started off by standing in shallow water and learning to breathe through the regulator. We were shown how to swim with flippers and how to move about. As soon as we started I felt extremely panicky and had to go to the surface for a few seconds to stop myself having a panic attack. When I went back under I tried to keep my shit together and take my mind off it by concentrating on breathing slowly, but I just felt extremely on edge. I found it hard to relax enough to enjoy it and keep my breathing regular, so as amazing as it was I just wanted it to be over. By the time we got back to the boat I was shaking and felt dizzy but to my surprise Scott hadn't even noticed how badly I'd be doing.He did a second dive (it was his favourite excursion of the week) and I spent the time sunbathing on the front of the boat. It was such a beautiful landscape around me and the waves gently moving the boat quickly calmed me down. As I was the only one there it was so peaceful and I felt so happy just looking about at the nearby islands.

At night we wondered along the beachfront at Roda and looked that menus from all of the restaurants. We ended up choosing one called Alexandros, which had an upper floor with a weaved roof and a great view of the sea. It had a great selection of vegetarian food and we ended up returning twice more! I absolutely loved the vegetarian moussaka with Greek potatoes, as well as bread and olive paste- YUM! They even gave me a cute giraffe on my milkshake ^-^

I think that's enough for the first installment of my holiday, hopefully you enjoyed reading it, even if I pretty much talked about food for the whole of it. Hey, I told you I like food!


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