Monday, 30 June 2014

Fifty Shades Of Pale: A Ginger In Corfu (Part 2)

I can't believe its only been a week since I was in Corfu, I've come back to such a hectic life that it feels like I need another holiday already! If you haven't already you can catch up on the first part of this post here
Scott just reminded me of a funny story from one of our first days. We'd been walking along the main road back to our hotel and had been honked at by a few cars. We were confused as we were walking as far away from the road as possible to make sure we weren't in the way of the cars...Until I went to get something from my bag and realised my skirt had gotten caught on my bag and lifted right up to expose my bottom. Luckily I had bikini bottoms of which covered me quite well!

We left off on Monday, the day I discovered my dislike for scuba diving. After a large meal and a late night, Scott and I discovered that one of our excursions - a glass bottomed boat trip- had been cancelled. We went for brunch on Tuesday morning and a walk along the beach, before returning to the hotel for a well earned nap and a few episodes of Orange Is The New Black. That night we went on a boat trip to Corfu Town, the main hub in Corfu. Most of the streets were crammed full of of shops, which I wasn't a big fan of. We walked along the harbour and found somewhere to eat and avoid the rain that had started. After the meal, we wondered back into the market-like streets and found ourselves being lured into a fish foot spa. It was one of the weirdest experiences in my life, almost like having mini electric toothbrushes tapping your feet.

We'd managed to last all this time without getting much sunburn, but our Wednesday was spent at a water park called Aqualand, which ended up with both of us getting bad patches of sunburn, despite constantly reapplying lotion. We were really excited to visit another water park, as we went to Siam Park in Tenerife last year and were absolutely blown away. Although Aqualand was good, it had nothing on Siam Park and we found ourselves spending most of our time at the wave pool. As I'm quite small I really struggled to keep my rubber ring at the deep end where the best waves are as I couldn't reach my arms back enough to paddle, meaning I spend a lot of the time paddling furiously back towards the deep end after being washed away. One of the times the waves went side to side instead of along the length of the pool, which was amazing as it literally threw you up in the air if you got caught where the waves hit. As much as I was enjoying it I was pretty worried about falling off my ring and not being strong enough to get back on to it against the waves, so I held back a little.

When we got home we quickly showered and headed to the Greek night at our hotel. The portions they served were massive and they food was great, plus there was unlimited free wine during the meal (although we're not big wine drinkers). After the meal there were performers who came and showed us traditional Greek dancing, encouraging everyone to get involved. The movements reminded me a lot of Ceilidh dancing and the outfits were a little similar too. Right at the end of the night everyone got up to dance and smash some plates, fabulous!

Our last day was pretty much spend on a boat, as we chose to take a trip to see Paxos, Antipaxos and the Blue Caves. I felt really ill and being on a boat really wasn't helping, so most of my journey was spent sleeping, leaving poor Scott to entertain himself. The visit to the Blue Caves and Antipaxos was pretty short, but the boat stopped in Paxos for two hours, giving us time to get lunch and have a wonder about. We chose a nearby Italian restaurant and both had gnocchi, which I really wish I had been feeling better for as it was delicious. Afterwards we walked about the nearby streets, but as I wasn't feeling great the heat made me feel weak and we ended up walking back to the harbour pretty quickly. There were so many stray cats on the island and they were all really friendly, so we stopped to give some water to a beautiful, fluffy Maine Coon type kitty. After our two hours were up, we got back on the boat and again I slept for most of the journey. 

That night we went for a meal at Alexandros again and said goodbye to the owners and waiters, who had been so lovely and taken an interest into our lives and our time in Corfu. There was a mental thunderstorm over night and I was a bit worried about our flight being cancelled, but luckily it was still on and we arrived home in the early afternoon. As much as I had enjoyed the holiday, it was a little too laid back and quiet for my liking. I'd definitely go back to Corfu again in the future, but I'd like to go to a different, busier town!

So there we have it, the first adventure for my blog! Are you going away this summer? If so, where to?


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