Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How To: Melting Lipsticks Into A Palette

As I've been starting out in make up, I've had to travel to Glasgow a lot for call outs. I'm not overly confident with driving outside of Aberdeen so I take the train or bus, meaning I need to travel as lightly and compact as possible. I decant foundations into 10ml eye dropper bottles and melt my lipsticks into empty palettes to save space and extra weight. Although it's pretty simple, I wasn't 100% sure how to melt lipsticks, so I figured writing a guide might help a person or two! 

I was originally looking at pill boxes to melt lipsticks into, but a quick browse on Ebay found me a good deal on empty eyeshadow palettes with pans, which I decided are just as good, especially since they're flatter and easier to fit into set bags.

Things You Will Need:

Lipsticks (duh)
An Empty Palette
A Candle (I'm using a unscented soy candle)
A Lighter
A Metal Spoon
A Knife
Tissue Paper/Newspaper (I use a lot, as you'll see I'm incredibly messy)

If the lipstick has a sticker on the bottom, I like to peel it off and stick it onto the base of the pan so I can be sure which colour it is. It's useful to hold the lipstick over the candle for a few seconds to melt the glue and make peeling easier. Hold the lipstick a good few inches above the flame to avoid burning the sticker! If the lipstick doesn't have a sticker or it's too big, I just use a permanent marker to write the brand and shade on the bottom. 

Step One

Light your candle and set out an empty pan on a sheet of tissue paper. Open your lipstick and cut off however much you think you will need to fill the pan, For most lipsticks I find about 2/3 fill these particular pans, although for the Bourjois ones in the first photo I only needed half. It's easier to have too little and add more than to have too much, so if you're not sure take it slow!

Step Two

Put the lipstick on the spoon and hold a few inches above the flame. Don't be tempted to put it too close as it will burn the lipstick. If you see any smoke or discolouration then hold the spoon higher. Also, the spoon heats up quite a lot, so make sure you're holding the end of the handle to avoid burning your hand. It takes a minute or so for the lipsticks to melt, so I usually get bored and end up with a nice big lump still in the middle when I pour it into the pan.

Step Three

One the lipstick is melted, carefully pour the liquid into the pan. The pan will heat up if it's metal so give it a few minutes to set and cool before you move it. Once the spoon is cooled, wipe off the excess lipstick and move on to the next!

So far I have three palettes but I hope to expand my collection to have one for Nudes, Pinks, Reds, Purples and Brights. Dream big, amiright?!

Do you have any handy ways to condense your make up? If so, share it in the comment box below!


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