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How To Survive A Music Festival

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I've been to Leeds both this year and last, as well as to Download in 2009 and I seriously think festivals are my natural habitat. I'm an anxious person but there's something about standing in the middle of a crowd, singing my heart out to a band that makes me feel like I've stepped into another world. Those feelings aside, I've made some really stupid mistakes that easily could have been avoided with a little common sense. So, just in case any of you decide to throw away your common sense for a festival, here are a few tips from auntie Hannah!

Don't substitute warm clothing for fashion

It sounds silly, but when you're trying to decide which clothes you can fit into a backpack, it can be tempting to forget about how cold the nights get. Both this year and last I spent a lot of time freezing at night because I didn't think to bring fuzzy jammies, or a blanket.

Bigger is better
Banana Beauty Hpw To Survive A Music Festival Tent
Aweez if you see this, sarrynatsarry.
When it comes to a tent, to cheap out on a small 2 or 4 man tent. If it rains you'll be soaked and it's really just not as fun. This year we took a 9 man tent and a 1 man pop up tent, meaning we all had a compartment to ourselves and a communal area in the middle. There was plenty of room to sleep so we didn't touch the sides and get wet when it rained, plus it wasn't difficult to put up!

Sometimes sanitiser isn't enough

As someone with terrible eyesight, glasses or contact lenses are a must. At a festival I want to wear contacts as much as possible in case of rain, or getting my glasses accidentally knocked about. I carry hand sanitiser around with me so that I can take my contact lenses out on the move, but last year I didn't quite realise just how dirty my hands would get. On the walk back to the tent one night my eyes were aching and I decided to stop and take my lenses out. Within minutes my eyes were itching and starting to stream. By the time I had walked to the campsite caravan to get a marshal, my eyes were so swollen I could barely see. So off to the medical tent I went, where I sat for a couple of hours, surrounded by drunk festival goers who had somehow managed to break arms, legs and all sorts. After the 45 minute walk back to the campsite, it was pretty awkward to sit and chill out with the friends we had made with my puffy eyes! I also couldn't wear much make up all weekend and certainly couldn't wear contact lenses. Moral of the story? As annoying as it is, take the short walk to your campsite water trough if you plan on touching your eye area!

Don't forget to eat

Again, this seems silly, but in such a busy atmosphere, even when you're surrounded by food stalls, it can be easy to forget to stop and eat. By the time you've stood in a massive queue to get an overpriced drink and made your way to the next band, standing in another queue to get food can be the last thing on your mind. As it's pretty much all fast food, it can also be easy to convince yourself that you don't need to eat more food. But, if like me you're drinking for a solid 12 hours (I'm so hardcore, right?!) having 3 meals is pretty darn important!



  1. Love this! The warm clothes one is so true. I did one at the start of September in North Wales so was freezing at night!

    1. Oh man, I hope you had a cosy onsie with you! Next year I'm taking thermals haha



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