Monday, 8 September 2014

Proud Of Me Tag

The past few months have been a bit shitty for me, which has really taken a toll on my motivation, especially for blogging. I've found myself skipping out on reading blogs more often, not commenting as much and barley tweeting. But I made changes for the better, including getting a new job which happens to be pretty much my dream job! I've spent a week away training and was at Leeds Festival the week before, so I decided to take a mini break from the blogging world until I was a bit more settled.

I think we can all be far too harsh on ourselves and put up with too much unnecessary stress, so I wanted to make a little feel good tag for everyone to join in on and really appreciate some of your personal achievements!

1. Getting a new job

I had been considering getting a new job since February, but after applying for one I was convinced I would get and getting knocked back, I started putting it off more and more. Eventually, after a lot of changed happening at my job, I bit the bullet and re applied for the job I really wanted. After quite a few nerve wracking weeks and even scarier interviews, I'm happy to say I got the job!

2. Going out of my comfort zone

I get extremely stressed and panicky when I have to be in charge of my own travel, especially if I don't have 100% of the journey planned out. For my new jobs training I had to get a flight on my own to a city I've never been to. Then, I had to get a train to the city centre from the airport and make my way to a hotel. THEN, I had to spend a week training with people I didn't know and share a room with one of them. For most people this is probably easy, but for me, a disaster waiting to happen. Where do I get the train? How do I know it's the right one? How much will I need for it? Where do I buy tickets? There are the questions that go through my head and get my extremely stressed out. I'm now used to travelling to and from Glasgow for freelance work, but going to a whole new city in a different country was pretty scary. I'm so proud that I made it though the week with minimum panic and no tears. Pat on the back for me!

3. Following My Dream

When I was 14, we had a careers fayre and I somehow decided I wanted to be a make up artist. I researched a little and decided to do hairdressing first and then decide if I still wanted to do make up. 3 years later I applied for a HNC in make up and had an interview, but never heard back. I did a year of beauty instead but it didn't make me any happier, so I decided to take a huge risk and learn at an independent school. It was the best thing I could of done and certainly wouldn't ever look back! 

4. My Blog!

I only started to follow blogs a little over a year ago, which lead to me starting this little representation of my crazy mind. It may not be the most successful blog, but having 200 people that chose to follow my blog is extremely heart warming and to be honest, I just like having such a cushtie little hobby that reflects my interests! I used to love writing and having a blog has brought back that love. Plus, it's fun to learn new skills, like photography and HTML (I feel like a Sim, levelling up on my skills!)

Now that I've gotten the ball rolling, I can think of many little things I'm proud of myself for. But, let's leave that for another day! Please join in with this tag and send me links if you do! Let's all take a few moments to be positive about ourselves and really look at what we've achieved.


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