Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween Tag

I recently saw Yaris Adventures post on the Halloween Tag (here) and couldn't resist joining in! I think I get more excited for Halloween than I do for my birthday or Christmas and normally have my outfit sorted months in advance!

1. How much do you rate Halloween from 1-10?

Definitey a 10, I love dressing up for Halloween ^-^

2. Zombies or Vampires?

Zombies, I freaking love The Walking Dead.

3. Favourite Halloween make up tutorial on YouTube?

I don't really have one, probably something super gory!

4. Trick or Treat?

Treat, especially if it's sweet ;)

5. Best Halloween memory?

Myself and my brother would trick or treat at our neighbours, who would have a little bag with peanuts, chocolate coins, 50p each and some other goodies.

6. Favourite thing about Halloween?

Planning my outfit and seeing all the cool outfits people come up with.

7. Drink or food on Halloween?

I am a bit of a party girl, but I've always wanted to have a Halloween party and make cute little food items!

8. Favourite Halloween scent(s)?

Umm, what are my options?!

9. What are you doing this year for Halloween?

Making a mask, enlisting my mum to sew fur onto a crop top and going to PARRRTTYY.

10. Do you believe in ghosts?

I honestly haven't decided on that one! Sometimes I can't see how some stories could be explained in any other way.

If you do this tag, please send me a link :D


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