Monday, 27 October 2014

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22.

Frozen Cake
How amazing is the cake my mum made??
 Last Thursday was a busy day for the Han, as I decided it was time to treat myself to getting my hair and nails done for my birthday. I've left my hair alone for a good year and a half and I've never properly had my nails done- except for practise is college- so I figured is was as good a time as any. 

Gel Nails Aberdeen

I went to a salon called Unique, which is pretty much smack bang in the middle of Aberdeen. It's hasn't been open for long, but it always looks pretty busy so I decided to give it a go. I wanted to get them pretty plain as I knew I'd paint them anyway, but since I didn't really know what to ask for, I ended up getting talked into french tips. So far I'm really liking them, but I do fine it hard not to pick and bite at them, so hopefully I can resist and have beautiful nails for a few weeks!

Profile Hair Aberdeen
I'm loving the wall decor at Profile- so kitsch!
After my nails were finished, I met my mum and my brother for lunch at Siberia, because sometimes you can't beat good old pub grub! Then, it was off to Profile to finally update my hair. I've been thinking about getting my hair a brighter ginger ombre for about 5 months now but thought it was too short. So, since it's grown quite a bit and become a lot thicker, I took the plunge. After two hours of chilling and catching up with the hairdressers, I left with beautiful, brand new hair. At first I was a bit worried that it looked like grown out roots, but almost everyone I know noticed the difference straight away and complimented me on how nice it is. I haven't actually managed to get a decent picture of it yet so stay tuned for a photo on Instagram!

Once I got home, it was time to get ready and start the first night of birthday celebrations! Do you like to give yourself treats on your birthday? Or do you regularly keep yourself glammed up in the beauty department?



  1. WOW that cake is the most amazing cake ever! Definitely going to leave this page open, so my mum will see it and get me one ;)

    Alice | AliceAllure

    1. Awh thanks, it was delicious as well! Haha start dropping hints ;)



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