Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The One App Everyone Needs To Download

You know sometimes, you download an app and just wish you could share it with the whole world? Well, right now, Bubbli is that app for me. As a typical blogger, I love to share everything I do in the world. Bubbli makes it so easy to share a 360° picture of places I've been to. My boyfriend introduced me to this app back in June when we were in Corfu (link), but I've only recently started using it. At the moment I've only been using it in places without a lot of other people because it feels a bit weird spinning around with my phone, but I really think it's an app that could kick off!

It's pretty simple to use. Just hit the big red record button, slowly move your phone up and down, left and right to capture the grey areas until you get 100%, and voila, you've now taken a bubbli of your surroundings! Try to move your body around so that the phone stays pretty much stationary to avoid blurring and jumpy lines. Once you've completed and built your Bubbli, you can share it with your friends, who can move their phone around and scroll the screen to see things as you did!

Check out this Bubbli here

Have you ever heard of Bubbli? Or maybe there's another app you love and wish everyone knew about? Leave me a comment below!



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