Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas Make Up - Gold Glitter

Gold Glitter Christmas Make Up

Tonight I'm going to a Christmas Dinner Dance with Scott and I'm super excited. I have a beautiful backless maxi dress - which I will post about on Monday- and I want my hair and make up to be equally as glam. So I obviously had to try it out today to make sure it looks good! The dress had black, silver and gold beads on the neckline and my clutch bag also has gold on it, so I decided to incorporate that into my make up with a gold glittery eye look.

Gold Glitter Smoky Eye

I already have a guide to a simple smoky eye here, but this time round I did it a little different. I started off using MACs Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Constructivist all over the lid, and used a matte dark brown shadow blended all over the lid and up above the crease. I find I need to blend eyeshadow quite far up above the crease, or my eyes look really small.

Then to add glitter, I literally glued it onto my eyelids with lash glue. I did my liner first as it's harder to draw over the glitter. Then, I dipped a cotton bud into lash glue and spread it onto my eyelid, avoiding going past the eyeliner or above the crease. I put folded up a tissue and held it under my eye to catch any falling glitter, dipped the cotton bud into the glitter and patted it onto my eye. I kept each eye closed for about a minute so that the glue had time to dry. Then, I went over my crease with a little more shadow and tidied up the eye liner. I haven't decided if I want to add Kohl liner on the lower lash line and smudge it out or not, for an extra smoky look.
MAC Salon Rouge
I definitely need to get a lip liner for tomorrow!

For the lips, I couldn't help but choose I classic Christmas red. I went for a darker, almost burgundy toned red with a matte finish for extra lasting power. I resisted getting a glittery lip gloss, since the matte texture will be a good contrast to the glitter on my eyes.

Do you have a favourite party look? Or are you in search of a look for the upcoming party season? I'm planning on putting up a few more looks, so watch this space!


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Winter Make Up Wishlist

It's been a while since I've written a wishlist and as ever, my make up wishlist grows longer and longer! I fully blame Instagram, as I'm forever screenshotting photos of make up looks to wear for work. A few these I know I'm getting for my Christmas from my family, but I still wanted to include them as I won't see them for another month.

I'm currently on the search for the perfect foundation, which is proving difficult in the cold weather. Although my skin is oily, using oil absorbing products dries my skin out and causes patchy skin on top of the oily areas. One of my workmates recently came home from New York with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and suggested it would be a good investment for me. I have no idea how it was named, as it gives quite a high coverage and has a more matte than dewy finish, but it look like exactly the kind of foundation I love!

I've been eyeing the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose ever since I stopped a girl at Leeds Festival to ask her what she was wearing on her cheeks. Seriously, me - the anxious, shy girl - grabbed some poor lass in the middle of You Me At Six's set and demanded to know what was on her face!

You'll remember the Crown Kabuki Fan Brush from my Brush Wishlist and it's still firmly on my mind. I haven't quite gotten round to bagging this one, although I have massively expanded my brush army!

I keep seeing cool eye make up looks using white eyeliner, but because I'm to pale white liner just doesn't show up all that well on my skin. Lime Crime are well known for their amazing products, so I've decided to try and get my hands on their white eyeliner.

I also currently own 4 of the Lime Crime Velvetines, but it's become a bit addictive and I can't help but want the whole collection. So, to complete my collection I need: Wicked, Salem (which is proving hard to find) and Utopia. Not to mention Cashmere when it launches...

The last item on my wishlist is the Stila Kajal liner. I don't like how white liner looks in my waterline, so instead I am on the hunt for a nude coloured liner. I'm actually not particularly fussed if it ends up being the Stila liner, I just chose them as they're a good brand.

What do you have on your Winter Wishlist? I had to make mine a make up list, since I've already managed to buy the other things I want!


Monday, 24 November 2014

OOTD: The Chunky Knit

Chunky Knit

When I redesigned my blog, I noticed I haven't done much in the way of outfit posts! I'm pretty bad at them to be honest (I could never be a model, I'm far too awkward when I try to pose), so I decided to make more of an effort!

Cream Chunky Cardigan

Whenever I do something that involves leaving the house - and not for work- I end up wearing a knitted jumper. I'm not even sorry. It's just so cosy and goes with any kind of leggings. Which is great, because I do love me some patterned leggings! I usually opt for red tartan leggings, which I got from Blue Banana down in Birmingham. They're super soft and stretchy, perfect for wearing all day! I have also been wearing the Aztec print leggings from my Just For 5 Pounds mini haul (here). For a daytime look, I usually wear plimsolls or my cut out ankle boot teamed up with frilly socks.

Cream Chunky Cardigan, Galaxy Suspender Leggings

For night time I wear the chunky knit with my galaxy suspended leggings and a pair of biker boots. I think my suspender leggings are my favourite article of clothing, even if I do get a lot of stick from my male friends about them. (I swear it's their favourite pass time, slagging off my fashion choices!) Since it's cold out, I've been putting a pair of tights under the leggings for extra warmth and feeling like an absolute fashionista!

What's your favourite item of clothing for the colder weather? I've also been wearing wrap scarves on days it doesn't rain, they're perfect for taking into town and checking into the cloakroom.


Friday, 21 November 2014

MOTD: Orange Smokes

Orange Smoky Eye
Why do brows always look like a block of colour in photos?!

Back in September, I went on training with work and for one of the workshops, the girl I was partnered up with used an orange eye shadow on me. When she picked it up, I was pretty worried- it's not something I would ever choose for myself! But, once she put it on it made my eyes immediately stand out and I was extremely impressed!

I've found myself going for this look more and more, as I get so many complements whenever I wear it. I start off with MAC's Rule all over my lid, then use a tissue to create a sharp line and add Red Brick onto the outer corner. For a quick and easy guide on how to create a simple smoky eye, see my post here. Then, all that's left to do is add a bit of gel liner on top, smudge some Kohl liner on the bottom (Also my new fave look) and add a lick of mascara! As this is a bit of a heavier look I tend to leave it for evenings, I think it's pretty cool to have something out of the ordinary for a night out!

Orange Smoky Eye

What colour would you never think of using? Or do you have a crazy look that you just love?


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Empties #2

Back in September I posted my first ever Empties, after finally managed to rememeber not to throw away enough items to make a decent post! Since then, I've been a lot better at rememebering and managed to get quite a few empties to show you guys.

Since I stopped using heat and styling products, my hairs been in reasonably good condition. I can't remember why I first bought the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime hair mask, but since I've bleached my hair I've been using it a lot more (see my pamper night here) to keep my hair soft and shiny. The smell is lovely, quite cocoa buttery and I've since bought more of the mask, as well as a repairing serum.

Since I stopped working at The Body Shop I haven't been back in to buy anything, meaning I've started to run out of the products I use. I've been mixing up using Micellar water and the Camomile Waterproof Make Up Remover to remove stubborn eye make up. I used to always use the Seaweed range to combat my oily skin, but I started to find this year that my skins changed slightly and the Seaweed dries it out too much. So, I switched to the Vitamin E Sorbet over the summer. It's lovely and moisurising, but still helps to mattify the face.

I've never really bought from Benefit before, but when Gimmie Brow came it out caught my eye straight away. I also needed a new mascara, so I decided to give They're Real a go at the same time.I did like Gimme Brow, as it filled in my brows nicely and kept them in place. I would like to say that I would buy Gimme Brown again, but with so many cheaper alternatives I can't justify the price. In the case of the They're Real mascara, I liked th effect but it started to leave me with panda eyes after an hour!

In the last Latest In Beauty box I got (I think it was a Hip and Happy box?) I got a sample size Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water. It's hydrating and regenerating "serum like gel," which is perfect for the harsh winter weather. To be honest, I didn't see that much of a difference in the moisture of my skin and haven't seen a difference since I stopped using it.  
As you will probably know by now, I'm not a fan of a heavy foundation unless I'm going out. I bought MAC's BB Cream a few years ago for quite a while, but stopped using it and kinda just fogot about it. I've since rekindled my relationship with it, as it's perfect for combination to oily skin and gives a good coverage weighing down my skin. Even Extra Light is a little too dark, so I've been mixing it with the Dainty Doll Foundation also in this post. I loved Dainty Doll sooo much (review here), but unfortunatly I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore!

What have you used up lately? Will your be purchasing it again? Let me know below!

Banana Beauty


Monday, 17 November 2014

Things That Are Ridiculously Hard With Nail Extensions

French Tip Gel Nails

As followers of my blog will know, I got my nails done for my birthday. I've never really had my nails done before and as much as I love them, they're taking a lot of a justing. So, here's a fun list of things I have struggled with over the past few weeks!

Gel Nails Aberdeen
  • Opening anything with a flip lid. Like shampoo.  Or cans. Including soup cans. Which I have at least 3 times a week.
  • Typing on a touch screen, like my phone and the tills at work.
  • Infact, even typing on my computer is difficult.
  • Not to mention trying to do someones make up without stabbing them in the face.
  • Trying to open drawers to get products out without snapping a nail is also pretty difficult.
  • Shampooing my hair is a bit weird as well, I feel like I'm scratching my scalp off.
  • Don't even mention trying to remove my contacts, I've had to stop wearing them after taking 10 minutes trying to get them out one night! 
I can't think of anything else for now, but if you have ever had nail extensions and have something to add, please comment below!


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sisterhood of the World Tag

Sisterhood of the world blogger tag

I've seen this tag floating about for a while now, so I'm really touched that Tania from Tania Michele tagged me in it! The rules are simple; answer the 10 questions, set another 10 and tag 10 bloggers! 

Fave musician? 

That's a hard one as I normally prefer bands! So probably Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy.

Least fave product and why?

I dislike the feel of lipgloss SO much, it's gross >,<

What room in your house is your fave?

The bedroom, if I have a lazy day I literally only leave it to get food and go to the loo.

Which mascara do you swear by?

I'm still searching, but L'Oreal Million Lashes is still a firm favourite!

Do you sing in the shower?

No, but only because I don't think Scott and his flatmate would appreciate it very much..

What clothes store do you love?

New Look is always great, but I seem to be spending a lot of time in H&M lately.

Ever met a Celeb? If yes, who, how and when?

Scott and I went to see Jimmy Carr and we met him after the show.

One thing off your bucket list?

Travelling abroad, I only did it once when I was younger so I'm making up for it now!

How long have you been blogging?

Just over a year! I still feel like a bit of a newbie though!

Fave Disney movie from the last 10 years?

I'm such a disney girl so I can't choose. It's between Wreck It Ralph, Brave, Bolt, Monsters University and Toy Story 3.

My Turn!

1. What made you decide to start blogging?
2. What is the one thing about blogging you wish you could master?
3. Are you a spender or a saver?
4. What is your career goal? 
5. Where in the world do you most want to visit that you haven't already?
6. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
7. Do you have a morning routine?
8. What is your spirit animal?
9. If you could study a class you didn't in school, what would it be?
10. What is your all time favourite movie?

I tag:

Kate Beautiboe
Emily emilyloves
Stephanie Peplum & Coffee


Monday, 10 November 2014

Ebay Find: Transparent Phone Cases

Transparent iPhone Case

I have to avoid eBay and Amazon as much as I can to stop myself becoming addicted and spending all my money. I've seen many decals for Macbooks that revolved around the apple sign, so a quick google search lead to me eBay to look for Disney phone cases! I couldn't decide on one, so I ended up with Ariel and Alice, as well as searching for a Minion phone case as well.
Transparent iPhone Case

They're so cute and there's plenty of options, with pretty much any cartoon charater. Where do you buy your phone cases? I always stick to eBay, it's so cheap and has great cases!

Banana Beauty


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Ultimate Pamper, Without Breaking The Bank!

Pamper Night Products
Face Masks//Hair Mask//Exfoliater//Pore Strips//

It's not often I get two days off in a row in my job, so imagine my delight when I got today and tomorrow off? It's like a pretend weekend!! Earlier today I was at my friends cutting her hair, so I decided to nip to ASDA on my way home to get more soup and dry shampoo (I only went and forgot the dry shampoo-argh!) I also wanted to get a hair mask since my hair has been bleached and needs a little love. It's not too brittle but I know it will be more delicate, prevention is definitely the key to stopping damage! As I wondered up the isle, I spotted the Montagne Jeunesse face masks on a 4 for £3 offer. Ok, they're only £1 anyway, but it got me thinking that I wanted a pamper day! I bought 2 deep cleansing masks and 2 moisturising masks to use together before excitedly grabbing the rest of my shopping and zooming home to pamper myself.

My pamper started off with the MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliater. I absolutely love this, as it's super grainy and abrasive, exactly what I look for in a face scrub! As it ha sugar particles, I rinse my face with water, dab my face so it's damp and apply, to stop the sugar dissolving straight away. Then, I opened the Chocolate Orange mask and slapped it all over my face. I was so surprised at how much product was actually in the sachet, my face was generously covered in minutes. As the mask is self heating, I massaged it in for 5 minutes, before leaving it for another 20, as per the directions. The mask has volcanic ash and kaolin, which are great mineral ingredients that help to attract dirt to the surface of the skin. They're also great at oil absorbing, perfect for my skin type!

After those 20 minutes were up, I rinsed my face and applied my ever beloved Bioré Pore Strips on my nose and chin. As I've spoken about them so many times in the past, all I'll say is that the mask really did bring up all the gunk to the surface of my face! I hopped into the shower after and shampooed my hair, before towelling out the excess water and slathering a thick layer of Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Intensive Mask on the mid lengths and ends of my hair. I wrapped my hair in cling film and applied the Strawberries and Cream moisturising mask to my face. This time round we have nourishing seed oils to plump the skin, perfect to repair the drying damage of the weather. Then all that was left was to chill for 25 minutes with a caramel shortbread mocha, rinse my hair and face and voila!

Phew, I now feel thoroughly prepped and primed for the live music I'm seeing at Bottle Cap tonight! I won't be wearing any foundation tonight or tomorrow to give my pores plenty of time to close- the last thing I want is to pile on crap into my newly cleaned pores!

What products do you love to pamper yourself with? Do you have a regular pamper session? 

Banana Beauty

Monday, 3 November 2014

October Favourites

Banana Beauty October Favourites

 October is easily my favourite month, between my birthday and Halloween, beautiful autumn leaves, and cosy knitwear what more could I ask for? My favourites this month are a bit of a mix and match, but they've been the most reached for items by far!

First up is an item I've mentioned on my blog before- the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal. I have pretty sensitive eyes and just the thought of something touching my waterline is enough to make them start watering. I have to be really careful when I blend eyeshadow under my eyes as well, or they can go red and bloodshot. Scandaleyes doesn't irritate my eye, stays put all day and is great for smudging out as well.

The second item I've been loving this month is medium sized butterfly hair clips. I've been using the small hair clips for about a year to clip my fringe out of the way, but recently I've been using these bigger clips to pin my hair out of the way, or to create a half up hair style.

New Look Wrap Double Sided Scarf
It took me about a day to realise my photos were blurry because I had a finger print on the lens...
One item that will probably end up in next months favourites is wrap scarves. They're so big and cosy, plus can be worn in many ways! I have two at the moment, both of which are double sided. I've been wearing them as wraps for the past week or so, to keep me cosy and stop me overheating in a jacket.

Nude Ombre Lip

The last few items in my favourites are two lip liners and a lipstick I've been wearing to create a nude ombre lip. I use a nude lip liner all over my lip to take away some of the natural red in my lips. Then I line my lips with a slightly darker lip liner and add a glossy lipstick for a bit of shine on top. 


Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Last Minute Halloween Costume

DIY Skyrim Costume

For someone who posted Halloween looks the past few weeks and generally always has an outfit by September, I really cocked up this year. I didn't have a plan and decided two weeks ago I wanted to be a Skyrim Dovahkiin. I saw a mask in Hobbycraft that reminded me of it, so decided to take the plunge. If it wasn't for my mum and her amazing sewing skills I would have been a bit of a mess. 

DIY Skyrim MaskDIY Skyrim Mask
DIY Skyrim Shield

To make the mask and shield, I paper mached the base and added the raised shapes with kitchen roll and newspaper. Once that layer dried, I added a layer of white paper, let it dry, and painted a coat of grey. I added darker grey onto the raised shapes and beige on the horns of the mask. I used cover buttons to create the bolts in the mask and added a final layer of silver spray paint to give a armoured effect.

I originally bought a viking outfit online, but when it came it was pretty ill fitting and the skirt was pretty see-through. So, my mum cut up the fabric, sewed the corset ties and some fur from a couple of Halloweens ago to an old crop top and sewed the fabric and fur to the belt to create a skyrim-y skirt.

Rigid Collodion

On the night, I kept my make up pretty simple and just used a little lipstick and Rigid Collodion to create some scars across my face and pleated a few pieces of hair. The scars look much better in real life, but as I said, I only snapped a quick photo before I left.

Unforntunatly for me, I only took a quick photo to send her right before I left to go out and I ended up feeling so ill I went home at 1.30am. Which is a big deal for me as Halloween is my absolute favourite day of the year and I NEVER leave nights out early! I'm pretty proud of how well my outfit turned out after being so last minute, but next year I will definitely be more prepared! 

What did you all go as this Halloween? Did you take any photos?

Banana Beauty

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