Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas Make Up - Gold Glitter

Gold Glitter Christmas Make Up

Tonight I'm going to a Christmas Dinner Dance with Scott and I'm super excited. I have a beautiful backless maxi dress - which I will post about on Monday- and I want my hair and make up to be equally as glam. So I obviously had to try it out today to make sure it looks good! The dress had black, silver and gold beads on the neckline and my clutch bag also has gold on it, so I decided to incorporate that into my make up with a gold glittery eye look.

Gold Glitter Smoky Eye

I already have a guide to a simple smoky eye here, but this time round I did it a little different. I started off using MACs Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Constructivist all over the lid, and used a matte dark brown shadow blended all over the lid and up above the crease. I find I need to blend eyeshadow quite far up above the crease, or my eyes look really small.

Then to add glitter, I literally glued it onto my eyelids with lash glue. I did my liner first as it's harder to draw over the glitter. Then, I dipped a cotton bud into lash glue and spread it onto my eyelid, avoiding going past the eyeliner or above the crease. I put folded up a tissue and held it under my eye to catch any falling glitter, dipped the cotton bud into the glitter and patted it onto my eye. I kept each eye closed for about a minute so that the glue had time to dry. Then, I went over my crease with a little more shadow and tidied up the eye liner. I haven't decided if I want to add Kohl liner on the lower lash line and smudge it out or not, for an extra smoky look.
MAC Salon Rouge
I definitely need to get a lip liner for tomorrow!

For the lips, I couldn't help but choose I classic Christmas red. I went for a darker, almost burgundy toned red with a matte finish for extra lasting power. I resisted getting a glittery lip gloss, since the matte texture will be a good contrast to the glitter on my eyes.

Do you have a favourite party look? Or are you in search of a look for the upcoming party season? I'm planning on putting up a few more looks, so watch this space!



  1. where is this lipstick from sweetie? x

    1. It's MAC Salon Rouge from the Christmas Collection! It's sort of like Russian Red or their red Viva Glam one though :)


  2. This is such a gorgeous look! xxx


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