Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Last Minute Halloween Costume

DIY Skyrim Costume

For someone who posted Halloween looks the past few weeks and generally always has an outfit by September, I really cocked up this year. I didn't have a plan and decided two weeks ago I wanted to be a Skyrim Dovahkiin. I saw a mask in Hobbycraft that reminded me of it, so decided to take the plunge. If it wasn't for my mum and her amazing sewing skills I would have been a bit of a mess. 

DIY Skyrim MaskDIY Skyrim Mask
DIY Skyrim Shield

To make the mask and shield, I paper mached the base and added the raised shapes with kitchen roll and newspaper. Once that layer dried, I added a layer of white paper, let it dry, and painted a coat of grey. I added darker grey onto the raised shapes and beige on the horns of the mask. I used cover buttons to create the bolts in the mask and added a final layer of silver spray paint to give a armoured effect.

I originally bought a viking outfit online, but when it came it was pretty ill fitting and the skirt was pretty see-through. So, my mum cut up the fabric, sewed the corset ties and some fur from a couple of Halloweens ago to an old crop top and sewed the fabric and fur to the belt to create a skyrim-y skirt.

Rigid Collodion

On the night, I kept my make up pretty simple and just used a little lipstick and Rigid Collodion to create some scars across my face and pleated a few pieces of hair. The scars look much better in real life, but as I said, I only snapped a quick photo before I left.

Unforntunatly for me, I only took a quick photo to send her right before I left to go out and I ended up feeling so ill I went home at 1.30am. Which is a big deal for me as Halloween is my absolute favourite day of the year and I NEVER leave nights out early! I'm pretty proud of how well my outfit turned out after being so last minute, but next year I will definitely be more prepared! 

What did you all go as this Halloween? Did you take any photos?

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