Monday, 3 November 2014

October Favourites

Banana Beauty October Favourites

 October is easily my favourite month, between my birthday and Halloween, beautiful autumn leaves, and cosy knitwear what more could I ask for? My favourites this month are a bit of a mix and match, but they've been the most reached for items by far!

First up is an item I've mentioned on my blog before- the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal. I have pretty sensitive eyes and just the thought of something touching my waterline is enough to make them start watering. I have to be really careful when I blend eyeshadow under my eyes as well, or they can go red and bloodshot. Scandaleyes doesn't irritate my eye, stays put all day and is great for smudging out as well.

The second item I've been loving this month is medium sized butterfly hair clips. I've been using the small hair clips for about a year to clip my fringe out of the way, but recently I've been using these bigger clips to pin my hair out of the way, or to create a half up hair style.

New Look Wrap Double Sided Scarf
It took me about a day to realise my photos were blurry because I had a finger print on the lens...
One item that will probably end up in next months favourites is wrap scarves. They're so big and cosy, plus can be worn in many ways! I have two at the moment, both of which are double sided. I've been wearing them as wraps for the past week or so, to keep me cosy and stop me overheating in a jacket.

Nude Ombre Lip

The last few items in my favourites are two lip liners and a lipstick I've been wearing to create a nude ombre lip. I use a nude lip liner all over my lip to take away some of the natural red in my lips. Then I line my lips with a slightly darker lip liner and add a glossy lipstick for a bit of shine on top. 



  1. Love the nude lip look, I'm really digging it at the moment!
    Thank you for leaving me your blog link on Twitter, just having a read now :) x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

    1. I know, my lips are so naturally red I never bothered with nude, but now I'm all over it!



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