Monday, 24 November 2014

OOTD: The Chunky Knit

Chunky Knit

When I redesigned my blog, I noticed I haven't done much in the way of outfit posts! I'm pretty bad at them to be honest (I could never be a model, I'm far too awkward when I try to pose), so I decided to make more of an effort!

Cream Chunky Cardigan

Whenever I do something that involves leaving the house - and not for work- I end up wearing a knitted jumper. I'm not even sorry. It's just so cosy and goes with any kind of leggings. Which is great, because I do love me some patterned leggings! I usually opt for red tartan leggings, which I got from Blue Banana down in Birmingham. They're super soft and stretchy, perfect for wearing all day! I have also been wearing the Aztec print leggings from my Just For 5 Pounds mini haul (here). For a daytime look, I usually wear plimsolls or my cut out ankle boot teamed up with frilly socks.

Cream Chunky Cardigan, Galaxy Suspender Leggings

For night time I wear the chunky knit with my galaxy suspended leggings and a pair of biker boots. I think my suspender leggings are my favourite article of clothing, even if I do get a lot of stick from my male friends about them. (I swear it's their favourite pass time, slagging off my fashion choices!) Since it's cold out, I've been putting a pair of tights under the leggings for extra warmth and feeling like an absolute fashionista!

What's your favourite item of clothing for the colder weather? I've also been wearing wrap scarves on days it doesn't rain, they're perfect for taking into town and checking into the cloakroom.


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