Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Ultimate Pamper, Without Breaking The Bank!

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It's not often I get two days off in a row in my job, so imagine my delight when I got today and tomorrow off? It's like a pretend weekend!! Earlier today I was at my friends cutting her hair, so I decided to nip to ASDA on my way home to get more soup and dry shampoo (I only went and forgot the dry shampoo-argh!) I also wanted to get a hair mask since my hair has been bleached and needs a little love. It's not too brittle but I know it will be more delicate, prevention is definitely the key to stopping damage! As I wondered up the isle, I spotted the Montagne Jeunesse face masks on a 4 for £3 offer. Ok, they're only £1 anyway, but it got me thinking that I wanted a pamper day! I bought 2 deep cleansing masks and 2 moisturising masks to use together before excitedly grabbing the rest of my shopping and zooming home to pamper myself.

My pamper started off with the MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliater. I absolutely love this, as it's super grainy and abrasive, exactly what I look for in a face scrub! As it ha sugar particles, I rinse my face with water, dab my face so it's damp and apply, to stop the sugar dissolving straight away. Then, I opened the Chocolate Orange mask and slapped it all over my face. I was so surprised at how much product was actually in the sachet, my face was generously covered in minutes. As the mask is self heating, I massaged it in for 5 minutes, before leaving it for another 20, as per the directions. The mask has volcanic ash and kaolin, which are great mineral ingredients that help to attract dirt to the surface of the skin. They're also great at oil absorbing, perfect for my skin type!

After those 20 minutes were up, I rinsed my face and applied my ever beloved Bioré Pore Strips on my nose and chin. As I've spoken about them so many times in the past, all I'll say is that the mask really did bring up all the gunk to the surface of my face! I hopped into the shower after and shampooed my hair, before towelling out the excess water and slathering a thick layer of Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Intensive Mask on the mid lengths and ends of my hair. I wrapped my hair in cling film and applied the Strawberries and Cream moisturising mask to my face. This time round we have nourishing seed oils to plump the skin, perfect to repair the drying damage of the weather. Then all that was left was to chill for 25 minutes with a caramel shortbread mocha, rinse my hair and face and voila!

Phew, I now feel thoroughly prepped and primed for the live music I'm seeing at Bottle Cap tonight! I won't be wearing any foundation tonight or tomorrow to give my pores plenty of time to close- the last thing I want is to pile on crap into my newly cleaned pores!

What products do you love to pamper yourself with? Do you have a regular pamper session? 

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