Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Party Dresses

Christmas Party Dresses
Click the photo to see where all these beautiful dresses are from!

With the party season already taking way, I couldn't help but lust after all the pretty dresses! Obviously I've already had my big party (here), but I don't see why I can't have a wishlist for potential parties. The best thing is, these dresses are all £100 or under. For some of the styles, thats a pretty good price!

The main dress I'm blown away by is the red sequin Jessica Rabbit style dress. It's possibly the most beautiful dress I've ever seen and if I hadn't already had Scott's work dinner, I would have been buying it without a second though

Sticking to the sequin theme, my next favourite dress is the green sequin dress . I've seen a lot of this style of dress in the past month or so and it would be perfect for a more casual affair.

The cream one shoulder dress took a little warming to, as I wasn't a fan of the shape of the bust on the non shoulder side. But a girl at my work just so happened to wear the same dress to a ball a week after I was it and it looked amazing on her. Although she might as well be a model so it figures!

Back to the sequins, sorry not sorry! I'm a cliche black clothing girl, so I couldn't resist picking out this glam black sequin dress. I would probably never buy it as the straps are so thin, which I'm not a fan of, but it definitely makes the cut for my wishlist!

Christmas wouldn't be right without the LBD and I loved all three of the skater dresses. The gold detailed skater dress has such a lovely shoulder and cross over back, spicing up the ordinary style of the dress. The silver embellished dress is similar, with a mesh shoulder design that compliments the shape and makes it seem very delicate and feminine. The last skater dress has a tapered hem, giving it a bit more of a punky feel. But, the top is again delicate, making a great balance.

The last dress in my wishlist may have a little bit of of sequins sneaking in, which may have influenced my to include it. It has a ruched design under the bust for a figure hugging shape. To me, it's the perfect winter princess dress, so if I had an ultra special occasion I'd be picking this.

Do you have any dresses you're dreaming of this party season? Have you maybe bought one of them? Let me know below!


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