Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Colourful Eyeliner

Colourful Eyeliner
I seriously cannot fathom how people take good eye photos- it's so damn hard!

I've recently been loving creative eyeliner looks and have been wearing them most days for work. I always try to get a wee photo on my phone, but they never turn out well and I don't always have time in the morning to whap out my big camera. But, today I had plenty of time to get ready, so I decided to have a good play about with my make up. I have an album on my phone of over 40 insperation make up photos, as well as my Pinterest page, so I always have plenty of looks to try!
Colourful Eyeliner

I started off with the black liner on the top and tried to put a coral lip liner aboce that, only to realise it would of been easier to do a big thick line of coral lipliner and then add the black on top. But hey ho, it's a learning curve! I find extending the inner corner liner so hard, as I'm extremely short sighted and need to be right up in the mirror, which usually means bashing my brush off the mirror >.<

Then, I added white liner in my waterline and extended it in both corners, before smudging a mixture of the lip liner and black kohl liner underneath (which didn't photo all that brightly!) Overall I'm impressed with how it turned out, as I struggle so much doing my own make up neatly!

Which creative make up looks do you love? Also, leave your Pinterest links below, I haven't followed any one it yet!



  1. Very nice look! I wish you had a picture from a distance to really see the makeup but really these are nice :)

    x vonyll

    1. I know, it's so annoying when I can't get a good photo of my face after taking photos of an eye look! I aim to make sure I always get one in the future! :)



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