Monday, 1 December 2014

OOTD: Christmas Dance

I blame it on not having a prom in school, but whenever Christmas comes around I'm most excited for Scott's work dinner and dance! I spend a good month stressing about what to wear, what to have my hair and make up like (see my make up here) and if I need to get shoes to match my dress (which probably completely baffles Scott as his biggest worry is if he still has kilt socks.) I eat all three courses at the meal, then feel so sick and bloated that I question my own sanity.  We cross our fingers to win something in the raffle - which Scott did this year!- We sit and agree how perfect we are for each other as we both hate dancing, whilst we watch the flurry that is the Dashing White Sargeant. I don't know exactly what it is, but something just makes me immediately excited when we put our names down for a space each year!

This year my mum was kind enough to buy me a dress from River Island, which I fell completely in love with. I now can't see it online, but know it was an online exclusive so maybe it's gone forever! I was quite worried that I wouldn't be able to wear it as it's backless and I'm conscious of my chest being on the larger side. But, the dress was quite tight so everything looked fine once it was on! I love how the hem of the dress is chiffon and in a tulip shape- it made me feel like a bit of a princess! The halter neck is embellished with black, gold and silver jewels, which was lovely but slightly annoying as my hair kept getting tangled in it.

I decided to stick with the black and gold theme as I already had heels to match. I can't remember where I got them from, but they've been worn on many occasions and are pretty comfortable. My bag was a birthday present to myself from New Look. It's the perfect size, big enough to store fold up shoes, an umbrella or pack it jacket (not even joking, I take a pack it jacket with me on nights out.) as well as all the essentials like lipstick, powder and of course money/bank cards.

Do you have any Christmas parties this year? Are they big dinner and dances, or are you having a meal and hitting the town?


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