Monday, 15 December 2014

What's In My Evening Bag

What's In My Bag
Us girls seem to love a little nosey into the lives of each other and the What's In My Bag posts are always my favourite! I just love knowing what others take out and about with them. This party season I've been out a bit more than usual and the items I take with my are always pretty much the same, so I decided it was about time I showed you all what to expect if I were to ever drop the contents of my bag on a night out! 

What's In My Bag

The first item that gets packed in my bag and the sole reason I bought a large clutch bag is a pack it jacket. I'm not even sorry for how ridiculous this makes me look, but you better believe my walks home are a lot drier and a tiny bit warmer than they would otherwise be! If I'm out in town I go to clubs quite late, meaning there is no room in the cloakroom and I would have to carry my jacket with me all night, which isn't ideal in a crammed club.

Obviously cards like my ID, bank card and club cards come with me every night out too! I have a huge baby face so I'm forever getting ID'd. Sometimes the bouncers are polite and ID my friends as well, even though all of them are obviously over 21. Keys and money are another obvious item in my bag, as no one wants to be the asshole paying with card at a rammed bar, or the person ringing the buzzer in the middle of the morning. As I wear contacts, I take the case as 9 times out of 10 clubs use smoke machines, which end up drying my eyes up and my contacts need taken out :(

On the make up front, I do take quite a lot in my bag. I take whatever lip products I'll need for top ups as well as powder and a little brush, to top up that t-zone! I'm still in my false eyelash phase, so their little case and glue is need in case of emergency.

It seems like a lot, but I've never been the kind of girl who can go out without a bag of some sort so I can live with it! What do you take with you on nights out? Let me know in the comments!



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