Monday, 16 February 2015

A Ginger In Amsterdam: Cocktail Cruise, Artis Zoo and The Ice Bar

Baby Chimpanzee, Artis Zoo Amsterdam

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, I spent the first part of the week in Amsterdam. To read about my first two days, including a visit to one of the sex shows, you can check out my previous post (here). We pick up our journey on the Canal Cruise. There were plenty to chose from, but we settled on the Cocktail Cruise. When we arrived at the boat, we were sat at a table with plenty of food to snack on. There were a poke of crisps and a plate full of bruschetta with salsa, guacamole and sour cream to dip it in. 

In retrospect, we probably should have started our break with the canal cruise, as it gave us a good idea of where everything is and we got to learn a lot about Amsterdam. Our cocktails were a Mojito, which I normally wouldn't like and a Cosmopolitan.

Artis Zoo Amsterdam

After a good nights sleep, we headed to Artis, the zoo. We bought a joint ticket for Artis and Micropia, a museum about microbes. There were plenty of indoor enclosures for different animal groups, like reptiles and insects. The first indoor enclosure we went through was the best, as it you were in amongst the animals! There were teeny tiny monkeys, a sloth, bats, little squirrely guys and some exotic and rather noisy birds. There were plenty of animals to see throughout the zoo, but I think our favourites were the lions, chimps (one of them made himself a bed out of straw!) , wolves and for me, the fennec fox!

Chimpanzee, Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Fennec Fox, Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Lions, Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Wolf, Artis Zoo Amsterdam

After we explored the zoo for about 2 hours, we went onto Micropia. It was quite a dark building, but it had lots of microscopes showing different micro organisms and had plenty to see and do. There were ants, fungus, things so smell and touch as well as stamps to collect. There was one little dark booth with a massive screen, that showed different micro organisms throughout the world, especially in places that humans couldn't survive!

Ice Bar Amsteram

At night, we ventured up to the Ice Bar. I was super excited for this and for some reason had it in my head that it would be a mini club! In reality, it was a bar with a room of ice and a mini bar that was freezing. We got a complimentary drink at the main bar, as well as 2 drinks from frozen glasses in the ice bar. They had really nice Puschkin Vodka in whipped cream, which they served with a tiny splash of mixer, which was pretty good! After milling about finishing our drinks, taking a few selfies with the polar bear and accidentally smashing our ice glasses, they novelty wore off and we left pretty early. I think it shows that I was a little disappointed by this one, but really it's my own fault for having such a high expectation! It was only 17 euros each, which is probably the price of three drinks anyway so I can't really complain!

Have you got any city breaks planned? Where to? Myself and Scott are looking to book another city break later in the year so we're open to all suggestions!

Banana Beauty


  1. Loving reading your Amsterdam posts, getting me excited for my trip in March! Do you need to pre-book the cruises/is it obvious where to find them?!
    Amy x

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying them, I always wonder if anyone actually reads this kind of post!

      We booked them earlier in the day. When you come out of Central Station the part of the canal where the cruises are is just across the road, but we were told it's cheaper to book everything through tourist shops. We went to one of the many Tours and Tickets shops and booked everything through them :)



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