Friday, 13 February 2015

A Ginger In Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum and The Red Light District

Houseboat Amsterdam
This is the view from our houseboat, not our houseboat!

As mentioned in my previous post, myself and Scott booked a last minute break to Amsterdam. We stayed in a houseboat in Jordaan, a nice quiet neighbourhood that was only a 10 minute walk away from the Central Station and the streets that were filled with shops, food stalls and all sorts of nik naks. I've never been to Amsterdam before and didn't really know what to expect. Scott told me that a lot of people travel by bike, which was a bit odd to me. It was so hard to remember to look for cyclists before crossing roads, as they have separate bike lanes on a lot of streets. The houses are massive and beautiful, I think the most fun was just looking about as we wondered around!
When we first got to Amsterdam, we unpacked and headed up towards the Anne Frank House, which had a massive queue. We decided to give it a miss, but never quite got around to getting tickets for another day. We spent the day getting our bearings, wondering the city centre and planning our next few days.

On our second day in Amsterdam, we made a 40 minute walk to the Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk MuseumStedelijk Museum
Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk is the Museum of modern and contemporary art and design and has three floors. (At the moment the lower floor is under construction.) When our tickets were scanned, the gentleman told us something curious, which neither myself, nor Scott understood. I think it was "Take a ride on the backseat of economy." Can anyone shed some light on this? The two floors were filled with some weird and wonderful pieces; from paintings to sculptures, a room with a 9 minute looped video playing, to a container with a replica of a bar, where all the people had clocks for heads. It took about 4 hours for us to go through the whole museum.
Stedelijk Museum
Stedelijk Museum

Ok, **Spoiler Alert**, this next paragraph is all about the Casa Rosso Sex Show and there is literally no way I can be discreet about it.
We went for a wander around some of the main streets and quickly found ourselves in the Red Light District. After a walk up and down, into a few shops and past all of the theatres, we decided that we might as well go to one of the shows. It is Amsterdam, after all! Most of the theatres were owned by Casa Rosso, so we went to their main theatre. The show looped and lasted for about an hour and a half. When we first walked in, there was a couple half way through their set. It was pretty plain to be honest, just plain ol' sex. The solo acts were definitely more interesting, from a girl getting people to eat a banana out of her lady parts, to a girl who wrote the word "dick" on someones chest (I'll let you figure out how she was holding the pen.) 

I thought it would be extremely weird watching a sex show with my boyfriend, but after the first act it was not at all awkward to watch people getting busy with it on stage. Some of the acts were enthusiastic, others seemed pretty damn bored. After about 20 minutes it all got a bit samey, but obviously we wanted to get our hour and a half worth!

After the show, the Red Light District was in full flow and a lot of the windows were filled with ladies looking to earn their keep. Even though we'd just spend an hour and a half watching a live sex show, I found myself feeling a bit embarrassed and avoiding eye contact, I wasn't giving them business and I didn't want to stare!

Have any of you been to Amsterdam? What did you get up to whilst you were there?
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  1. It'll be my boyfriend and I's first trip in March - think I'd find the live sex shows a bit awkward lol! Sounds like an eye-opening place!!! Amy

    1. Haha they're surprisingly normal after a few minutes! It really is, definitely check out the Red Light District after 10pm!



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