Friday, 27 February 2015

The £7 Brushes: One Month On

10 Brushes For £7

Last month I posted about those brushes that every was talking about (here). I mean really, can it be true that you can get a set of 10 brushes for only £7 that are actually decent? In short, yes! I decided to give a little update on how I am finding these brushes after one month of daily use.

I've been using either the Flat Foundation Face Brush or the Round Kabuki Face brush to apply my foundation daily. Like I said previously, the bristles are compact and gives a lot of coverage, but tend to be pretty tiring on my arm. Hey - I guess I'm getting a good workout, right?!
I've been experimenting with the Tapered Pointed Kabuki Face Brush to apply cream contour. It is really good to give a sharp line as well as using the side for a more blended application, but I'm definitely still getting used to the technique.

The Precision Flat Kabuki Eye Brush is still being used to apply concealer under my eye as well as set smaller areas with powder, although the bristles are starting to splay out a lot, which is probably due to me being a bit heavy handed!
The brush that I was most surprised to love is the Precision Flat Angled Kabuki Eye Brush (seriously, could these names be more of a mouthful?) The sharp edge makes it really easy to apply eyeshadow as a liner, a cut crease, or to blend eyeshadow under the eye.
The Precision Round Kabuki Eye Brush was one that I wanted to love, but it's just too damn big for my small eyes. Unless I'm doing a dramatic smoky eye, it applies too much colour onto my eye and I end up needing to use another brush to blend it out.
The last brush I use regularly is the Precision Tapered Kabuki Eye Brush. It's another brush that makes a good crease brush, or to add a dark colour into the outer corner.

10 Brushes For £7

The only downsides to these brushes are that they are pretty hard to clean, take a good 24 hours to dry and the glue on the Flat Foundation Brush has come away. Neither are a massive issue, although it is my pet peeve when bloggers take a photo of unclean brushes and even though mine are clean, they look pretty unsightly! As for the bristles coming away from the ferrule I have spirit gum at my house that I think will be able to fix this issue without causing too much damage to the brush!

Have any of you tried these brushes? Which brand are your favourite budget brushes?

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  1. I have brushes identical to these and have been using them for about 6 months now and they are perfectly fine! I've never had a problem with them and I don't find that it takes too long to dry them either. Maybe I just got a really good batch?

    Great idea to do follow up posts for these though as I see a lot of people dubious about their quality. I personally love mine!

    Chantel Dione

    1. Yeah I think i'm just unlucky, everyone else seems to be fine with them!

      That's why I decided to write about them, I always look up reviews for items then get frustrated when it's all people who have just gotten the item and barley tried it!



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