Wednesday, 11 March 2015

February Degustabox

February Degustabox

February Degustabox

I'm fashionably late to the party with this month's Degustabox, ladies and gents. But that doesn't mean I haven't wolfed down half of the items already. I think this is the least healthy box I've had from Degustabox, not that I'm complaining!

Choc Chip Mini Muffins

In snacking department we have my favourite item from the box - Cocoa Cookie Crunch bites. They're deliciously smooth and moreish, so as you can imagine they didn't last long!
There were also Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins with got devoured pretty quickly when we had friends over. They were moist and just the right thickness, plus individually wrapped, making them perfect for a lunchtime snack!
This month I also got two Beet It Sport bars, which I have mixed feelings on. The first bite just tasted of beetroot and I could totally get on board. But the more I chewed, the more the flapjack side came through and the less I could handle. Both bars were only half eaten before I couldn't handle any more. It recommended consumption half and hour to 12 hours before exercise and I do think it helped keep my energy up on the runs I did!
There was also a beef jerky snack bar in the box as well, but somehow I've completely misplaced it. Not that I'm overly fussed, being a vegetarian and all!

Cooking Flavour Shots

In the more meal time section, we have Melba Thins. They've been great for me, as there's so many ways to have them! I dip them in soup or my favourite serving suggestion is to have goats cheese and honey on them. I also spread some of the Whole Earth Peanut Butter on it when I want more of a snack.
I've never had Paella before as I've never really seen a vegetarian version, so I was excited to try out the Spanish Paella flavour shot from Schwartz. I love getting these sort of mini meal kits and shots to try out as it makes me more inspired to cook different meals! I can't wait to try the Masala Curry version as well.

Peanut Hottie

As for the drinks in this months box, there's a nice mix of a natural lemon, lime and mint drink to refresh the taste buds and a more indulgent hot drink. 
I had seen the Peanut Hottie in a lot of Instagram photos, so it was a pleasant surprise to find it in my box! I thought it was hot chocolate but I'm glad that it's just the peanut butter flavour! It tastes delicious and is the perfect bedtime treat.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

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  1. i haven't try any of these products but everything looks delicious, i'm thinking to suscribe for a food monthly box, sounds kind of fun.

    The Color Palette

    1. It took me so long to bite the bullet and get it, but I honestly think it's worth the money!



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