Monday, 16 March 2015

Glowing Skin For Sick Days

Dewy Glowy Skin

Having a chest infection for over three months now is really starting to take it's toll. I keep starting to get better, only to have days when I feel extremely tired, stuffy and generally depressed. It's also taken a huge toll on my skin. I finally started to fix my dry patches and get a nice flawless finish, only to start getting spots around my chin and across my forehead as well as a general lacklustre and dreaded dryness (again).

I start off in the morning by using a cleansing oil with an exfoliating pad, to lightly scrub away some of the dryness. I then use my night time moisturiser on my face and neck to prep my skin for the day. I give it a few minutes to sink in as I brush my teeth, before applying a moisturising (key word, huh?) serum/primer, to give my skin an extra boost and keep my make up on longer. As it's a serum, it's super light and doesn't weigh down my skin. For my base, I use a super dewy, light coverage foundation and mix it with a liquid concealer for a little more coverage and oil control on my T-zone. I set the foundation with a dusting of powder to stop it from looking too wet and to help make it last all day.

As I'm super pale, any foundation tends to make my skin look extremely flat, so I love to sculpt my face with a darker colour to add more definition. I either use a cool toned beige blusher/eyeshadow for a more matte finish, or a compact BB cream when I want something softer and more glowy. Since my skin lacks lustre, I've been opting for the BB compact to keep up with the dewy theme. I start by sculpting my cheekbones, blending up onto my temples and adding more colour onto the sides of my forehead. I add a few sweeps along my jawline and down the sides of my nose, making sure it's nicely blended to avoid the muddy look.
Dewy Glowy Skin

As you can probably guess, I stick to a cream blusher when my illness takes more of a toll on my skin. I've been using the Sleek Blush By Three (here) softly blended on the apples of the cheeks as well as up along my cheekbones.

I definitely prefer a dewy finish for when I'm feeling a little under the weather and I do tend to get compliments on how healthy my skin looks! As I did originally have oily skin, I tend to see a little of this coming back near the end of the day, so I top up the powder when the dewy finish starts to get too wet looking!

What are your tips for looking tip top when you're ill? Share them below!   

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  1. I have been off work for quite a while now and find it does take its toll on my skin from feeling down and what not, i find to moisturize alot helps x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. I think the key is definitely moisturization!



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