Friday, 27 March 2015

High End Haul || NARS, Laura Mericer and Bobbi Brown

High End Haul

If you read my post about shopping in Glasgow last weekend (here), then you'll already know that I bought a few items from NARS and Laura Mercier for my kit. I also ordered two Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks online, so of course I had to write up a little post on my latest purchases!

NARS Foundation

As I said before, I opted for NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc so that I can try it myself before buying it for my kit. I still have a tiny bit of tan on, so I'm not convinced it's going to be a match for my pale skin, but it matches pretty well at the moment. The coverage is lovely, I like a slightly thicker coverage so it's perfect for me. It has a natural radiant finish (slightly dewy) but has enough staying power than I don't feel the need to set it with a powder, even on my more oil prone areas. The only complaint I have is that there is no pump for this foundation and the lid is already a mess from pouring it onto my hand twice. I have heard that MAC Studio Fix's pump fits, so I think I'll investigate further into that!

Banana Beauty
Banana Beauty
Moi wearing Sheer Glow and funky floating liner.
I wish I could have the same love for the samples of the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation I was given, but to be honest I thought they were pretty shit. It's marketed as a "high coverage, natural finish with one drop" foundation with 16 hours wear. But when I put this on I was puzzled as to how I would cover my face with one drop. After dotting it all over my face and blending using a thick brush, putting more foundation onto the brush instead of my face and trying to use a beauty blender, I gave up and used Estee Lauder Double Wear on top. I don't even know what to say, surely I must of gotten a duff batch?!

NARS Foundation Colours

Laura Mercier

Moving on to Laura Mercier, I bought the Cashmere eyeshadow and Eye Bases in Cotton and Flax. These are all for my kit rather than using on myself, with Cashmere's soft mauve tone and matte finish making it a perfect crease colour for any bridal skintone. I decided not to clean the packaging for the photo as I wanted to show that it is quite a messy eyeshadow and really needs worked into the brush if you want to avoid droppage.

Laura Mercier Swatches

Cotton and Flax are cream eye bases that can be worn alone or as a base for eyeshadow. Bases help to neutralise any undertones on the eyelid and give eyeshadow something to stick to, so they're perfect for make ups that need to last all day! I want to expand this little collection and get Wheat and Linen, but I figured these were a good start as most of my clients are pasty wee souls like me. I mean, this is Aberdeen after all!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks

The last items I treated myself to are the Bobbi Brown Beige and Rose Shimmer Bricks. I already have the Nectar Shimmer Brick and instantly fell in love, so I couldn't resist buying more! I still have a bit of an issue with how little product is in the packaging, but I know they'll last me for a long time so I can compromise! The Beige Shimmer brick has a golden glow when all the colours are mixed together and it's not as dark as I had imagined, meaning my pale skin can definitely get away with wearing it! Rose is quite similar to Nectar, but obviously has more of a pink tone as opposed to a peach tone. The Shimmer Bricks give a soft dewy finish rather than actual glittery shimmer which I love, I don't want anything too drastic!

Shimmer Brick Swatches

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any other products from these brands you'd recommend?

Banana Beauty


  1. The Laura Mercier Eyeshadow bases look/sound lovely. I have read many bad reviews of the new Nars foundation saying the coverage isn't great and it sits in fine lines too. x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. I like the Sheer Glow so far, it's a medium buildable coverage in my opinion! I've heard so many mixed reviews, it's so hard to decide if it's worth trying make up!



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