Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Ginger in Glasgow || Lunch At The Social

The Social Glasgow

After shopping for an hour or two with Erin (here) on my trip to Glasgow, we decided to grab something to eat. Our dinner was kindly booked my Erin's mum for 5pm, but we managed to get it pushed forward to save us starving ourselves for any longer than needed. 

The Social Glasgow

The Social is nice and central to Buchanan Street, in the Royal Exchange Square. The restaurant itself is really nice, with a large bar in the centre, surrounded by tables. We were seated in one of the back corners in a nice big booth and as we had a deal, our waitress explained everything that was in the deal. Each item in said deal - 2 courses and a cocktail for £12 - was clearly marked on the menu and there was plenty to choose from, even for veggies like myself! I went for Nachos as a starter and good ol' Mac and Cheese as my main, with a fruity cocktail called "Solero." Erin went for Stuffed Peppers as a starter and Spaghetti Meatballs as a main, with a Cosmopolitan cocktail.

The Social Glasgow

When our starters arrived, Erin's was clearly a tiny portion compared to mine, with her peppers being about the size of cherry tomato's. My nachos were a decent size, but had been topped with chilli, so I pointed out to the waitress who had taken them out that it had been the normal vegetarian nachos I had ordered. The waitress apologised, but at the same time the one who had taken our order came over and was pretty pissy about the situation. Instead of being even the tiniest bit polite about it, she simply said "but you didn't specify it was the veggie ones" even though on the menu it clearly stated that chilli was an extra topping and also not in the deal we had. When we pointed this out, she simply replied again that I should have specified I didn't want chilli on it. The second waitress quickly interjected with another apology and went back to the kitchen to get new nachos. The whole situation put a bit of a downer on the rest of the meal, as we were both pretty shocked at her attitude and sheer rudeness and whenever she came over we found ourselves falling into silence until she left. 

The Social Glasgow

It didn't take long for the Nachos to arrive again and it was still a hearty portion. The tortilla chips were lovely, they had a soft, almost pastry like texture rather than a lot of restaurants that seem to have rather obviously pre made chips. Once we finished our starters, it didn't take long for the mains to arrive, which were both a hearty portion. The Mac and Cheese was really creamy and had a little bit of a kick to it. I wolfed it down pretty quickly as I'm an absolute hoover, but as soon as I finished I felt stuffed.

We both felt extremely sleepy after our meal, so we headed out to get a coffee before making our way back to Erins. The rest of our night was spent watching TV and snacking, lying comfortably on the sofa with her dog curled up at our feet. Perfect!

Have you ever eaten at The Social? What did you think? Where else would you recommend for food in Glasgow? 

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