Monday, 30 March 2015

Mens Clothing Wishlist


Todays post is something a little different! I recently made this board for one of my male friends who jokingly told me to make him a basket of clothes to buy, as when he buys he ends up looking "too hipster or old mannish." So, being a blogger I obviously saw it as a blog post opportunity and headed straight to ASOS, Abandon Ship and Amazon (just realised they're all A's!) to source a few items. Shopping for someone other than Scott was a tiny bit difficult as I know Scotts style inside out, but I chose a little bit of everything (hence the tank tops) to give plenty of options!

I think my favourite pieces from board are the dinosaur T-Shirt and the Aztec jumper on the bottom left. Oh, and the Breaking Bad/Jack Daniel's T-Shirt, obviously. When it comes to mens style, I really like band/independent brand gear - think Thunder Apparel - rather than massive brands or slogan tops. I was so happy with the selection of clothing from ASOS, a lot of it was really cheap and after browsing the categories I felt like I had enough that I didn't need to look anywhere else!

Do you help any of your opposite sex friends shop? Do you enjoy it? I thought it would be quite hard, but I ended up really enjoying it and apart from Slim Jeans and Chinos, my friend was pretty happy with it all!
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