Friday, 6 March 2015

Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist

I don't think I could of chosen a harder set of items to have on a white background! I usually find wishlists hard as I just go and buy the things I want. But I decided to throw out most of my old clothing, which meant going on a shopping spree with my latest pay. I haven't had a good shop about in a while, so I saw a lot of items I liked, but never bought.

I haven't planned any beach holidays this year, which of course means I've seen many pretty bikinis and swim suits! I love this white and black mesh suit from River Island, it's so chic and eye catching! Plus, it's got a little tummy control, which is perfect as I have a little bit of extra weight this year!

Another item from River Island that I would love is a body chain. They look so pretty and I wear a lot of plain black for work, so I'm always looking for new ways to spruce them up! I love long necklaces and I love kitsch items, which makes a body chain a perfect match for me.

On the beauty side of River island we have cuticle tattoos. Normally I wouldn't be into such fads, but there's something so delicate and girly about them that has really caught my eye. I'd probably only wear them on my ring finger, so I guess there a pretty cheap investment as it would last so long.

The last item from River Island on my wishlist is the cream blusher. I've had my eye on these for so long, but whenever I go into my local shop, the testers are dried out and in bad shape. One day I will probably bite the bullet and go for it, but the thought of the messy testers is pretty off putting.

Another piece of jewellery I spied in Miss Selfridge that has made it onto my wishlist is the pearl body chain. I totally don't count this as a body chain, it's more of a waterfall necklace! I do feel a slight bit like it's something to be worn cheekily in the bedroom, but it would definitely spruce up a plain outfit! The only things stopping me buying this is it's price and the weight. I think it would definitely knock at least one customer out!

The final item in my wishlist is a split side, chiffon top from New Look. It would look beautiful with a pair of shorts or a skirt and is just a little bit different than your bog standard top.

What is on your Spring Wishlist?

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